Want to figure out how to create a life you love while driving, cooking, or dancing around your kitchen to a rockin’ theme song and catching up with Kate and Em?

The Fit & Nourished Mind podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher, as well as finding all podcast details, show notes and listen to episodes on the Fit & Nourished Mind website.

Biz partners Emily Gough and Kate Hoerner have a no holds barred approach to everything nutrition, fitness, living life to the fullest and everything in between. Their goal is to share what they learn in order to help you cultivate strength and balance for a perfectly imperfect healthy lifestyle with candid, honest opinions along with thoughtful content and real-life tips you can implement.

Sharing personal experiences and learned knowledge, Em and Kate will have you feeling like you are hanging with your favourite girlfriends every single week.

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Episode List

007 – Poop, Squatty Pottys & Elimination Diets

006 – Shame Around Food and Redefining the Way You Eat

005 – Staying Healthy in the Midst of the Holiday Season

004 – What You Need to Know About Protein Powders and Supplements

003 – Crossfit: The Benefits, and Dangers and Everything in Between

002 – Getting Personal: Lyme Disease and Post-Birth Control Pill Hormonal Imbalances

001 – Meet Em & Kate