Hey, I'm Emily Gough!

I went from a stuffy cubicle corporate job for over a decade, to helping entrepreneurs leverage their voice in the online space through podcasting while building a business and life that they love.

I spent 11 years in a corporate job that I never planned to stay in for longer than a few months.

While I was showing up every day for my 9 – 5, I was hustling on the side, getting certifications and going back to school at night to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer, teaching bootcamp classes, and eventually graduated school as a Holistic Nutritionist.

I thought I’d finally found THE THING I wanted to do,

 and started my online business working with clients for holistic nutrition and wellness. After a couple of years, I finally quit my corporate job to make a go of it.

I had a podcast with a co-host, was working with clients and it seemed like things were off to a strong start. Until, after a great deal of resistance, I began to realize I’d created the wrong business.

My heart wasn’t in it, and I wasn’t lit up or excited by it the way I had thought I would be.

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On the Room To Grow™ Podcast I’ll share openly with you every step of the way, along with real talk, no BS tools to navigate business & life. Sense of humour included.

Except when people asked me about podcasting and building a business.

I lit up.

I quickly realized my true passion was helping others share their stories and have an impact on my favourite platform of podcasting – and using it to create a successful, sustainable business.

By this point I had launched the Room to Grow™ Podcast on my own, and was eager to share what I’d learned from 2 podcast launches while fielding a lot of questions from people interested in learning how to do the same.

And then, my life as I knew it shifted dramatically overnight.

Everything completely changed when I ended my long-term relationship after I found out on Christmas Eve about infidelity that had been happening on/off for our entire 9 years together.

I sold or got rid of almost everything I owned and left Canada, hopping on a plane to Bali to begin my new life, and it’s been an adventure ever since.

While I’d already recognized the impact podcasting could have, it was when I publicly shared my story about my relationship on the podcast that I really started to understand what a massively powerful platform podcasting could be.

Not only that, but some of the hard lessons I learned in my personal life overlapped with what I needed to apply in my business as well, and things shifted when I began tuning into my intuition and listening to my gut instinct.

I began embracing my multi-passionate nature and rather eclectic work history and education to bring it together in a way that helps others to change their lives and leading with impact at the forefront of everything that they do.

Nothing brings me more joy than teaching others to recognize their own abilities and giving them the confidence to push past the fear and make the leap into something new, even when it feels scary.

On the Room to Grow™ Podcast and in real life, I’m mostly known for going deep into heavy topics.

Those topics include mental health & anxiety, relationships, entrepreneurship, being open and real about the tough lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) along the way, and for my brutal honesty served with a sense of humour and all kinds of love and compassion. I’ve developed a reputation for teaching people how to take imperfect action, connect with others on a deeper level and to create compelling content that has a meaningful positive impact. 

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You have a message that someone needs to hear, and keeping it to yourself does you and everyone else a disservice.

Putting yourself out there is scary. Living with regret about holding back is much scarier. You’ve thought about sharing your knowledge or story, helping others to grow through lessons hard earned through personal experiences, and if you’re ready, I’m here to help you figure out how to make it happen. Podcasting is my favourite platform, because we’re all craving connection, and chatting right into someone’s ear is an incredibly intimate experience.
Not only do you get to chat while in your bathrobe (I’m in mine right now!), but people feel like you’re a real-life friend, they get to know you, and you’ll often find yourself sharing everyday stories that allow people a small glimpse into your life. All this while you share your message that might be hitting someone’s ears at the exact moment they needed to hear it.

Are you excited to launch & grow your podcast, build your online brand, and create powerful connections that make a difference?

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What People Are Saying

Some of my core beliefs:

Candid. Powerful. Genuine.

Speaking confidently while injecting a dose of humour into everything she does, Emily is known for her ability to engage and connect with an audience while leaving them with powerful takeaways that will motivate and inspire.

Some fun things you may not know about me.

I’ve held random jobs that include everything from working in a warehouse and bartending in nightclubs for years, to customer service at a well-known chain and managing large sales accounts in the automotive industry.

Rarely does a day go by when I don’t eat chocolate, and I’ll never turn down a brownie.

On that note, food is my second favourite 4-letter word that starts with F.

I’m happiest barefoot and outdoors, preferably with the ocean nearby.

I laugh when something is funny. I also laugh when something is uncomfortable.

I laugh even harder when my clumsy side comes out and I trip over my own two feet (which is often.)

Whether it’s walking, hiking, lifting heavy weights or trying to learn to love the assault bike, I’m usually in motion.

Except when napping, which is also a favourite past time.

I always have never-ending piles (and lists) of books to read and always looking for more.

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