[BIZ TIPS] But What If I Run Out of Things to Say? 6 Tools to Keep Content Creation Flowing

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“But what if I run out of things to say?” It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked, particularly when it comes to even thinking about launching a podcast. I get it, because it feels totally overwhelming.  There’s so much to do, and even though you know you have a lot to say, there’s always that nagging concern that … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] Coaching Call: Taking an Existing Podcast to the Next Level with Ross Marais

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>>>SIGN UP FOR THE PODCASTING FOR IMPACT™ COURSE HERE<<< It’s another coaching call episode!  You get to listen in live as my guest Ross tells us about his podcast, some of the issues he’s run into with it and how to stay consistent, and he’s walking away with a plan ready to make it happen and implement the changes that … Read More

The Way Others React to You is Not Your Responsibility

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First up: if you’re a biz owner and you’ve ever even considered starting a podcast or feel left behind as you watch those around you build powerful connections, grow their businesses and get their voice heard in the podcasting world, my course Podcasting for Impact™ is available for a very limited time.  Doors close first week of February!  You have … Read More

Why Podcasts Fail: A Mini-Crash Course

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Buckle up your helmet, because I’m going to give you a mini-crash course in why podcasts fail.   1. Lack of focus / structure and no clear point made in the episode.  Nothing turns me off a podcast faster than tuning in and listening to the host(s) natter on about their personal lives and the weather for 15 minutes. Our … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] Connecting More, Selling Less, & The Power of LinkedIn with Scott Aaron

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The first interview of 2020 on the podcast is a special one! This is going to be particularly relevant if you are any type of entrepreneur, but today’s guest is sharing stories that will motivate and inspire anyone, no matter your career. Scott Aaron is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Human Connection Specialist.  Scott’s energy is a mix … Read More