How You Eat is Your Own Damn Business

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I’ve gotten comments my entire life about how I eat. That’s not terribly unusual for many people, I don’t think.  We’re all super nosey, lol, and want to know how, what and why other people are eating a certain way.  Even long before I became a Holistic Nutritionist, I was always intrigued by what was on other people’s plates. Often … Read More

Moroccan Chickpea Salad

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I always like to make sure to find new ways to fit in plant protein sources.  After I went to the gym today, I was pretty hungry and perusing the pantry trying to decide what to make.  A couple cans of chickpeas sounded extra delicious and it was too hot today to turn on the oven, so it was extra … Read More

Stop Working Out on Mondays

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NEVER MISS A MONDAY You may have heard the saying “never miss a Monday” tossed around the blogosphere and social media in some sort of an attempt to motivate you to drag yourself off the couch Monday morning and start the week off with a bang.  Normally this is used in the context of fitting in a workout, although it … Read More

Hungry, Hungry Hormones: Cravings and Fat Loss

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Cravings have a number of sources that can be tied to little or poor quality sleep, stress, and emotional upset.  The single factor in common for all of those issues is your hormonal health. While other factors like nutritional deficiencies and dehydration can also play a big role in cravings, it’s often the hormonal factors that are left out of … Read More

Hormonal Birth Control, Part II: Healing from The Pill

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Are you on the Pill?  Coming off of it?  Been on it at any point, or struggling with any type of hormonal issue?  Learn the exact steps to rebalance hormones and feel comfortable in your own skin with the FREE Hormone Happy Handbook. Grab your copy here.   Earlier this month I posted all about my personal experience going off … Read More

Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa and Sweet Potato Packets


Grilling season has officially arrived! I’ll be honest, I’ve always enjoying BBQ’d food, but it’s normally been prepared…by others.  I’ve been barbeque-adjacent for several years, after getting a little to close while starting it up and singing the tips of my eyelashes, ha!  Ever since it has been a bit of a house rule that I refrain from going near … Read More

When Overwhelm Hits

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We live in a fast-paced world where stress is considered the norm, and being “busy” is often considered a badge of honour. Unfortunately, neither our bodies nor our minds respond well to this constant and sometimes self-induced stress.  Moreover when we are under a great deal of stress, it’s easy to let any form of self-care fall by the wayside … Read More

Cheat Meals and Redefining Our Relationship with Food

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I cringe when I hear people talking about cheat meals or days. For some, it might be a great starting point to starting to eat a bit healthier the rest of the time if having that reward system keeps you in check. However, in my opinion cheat meals are a short term solution to a long term goal.  What it … Read More