Imposter Syndrome, Time Management & Productivity with Melanie Knights

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Today on the Room to Grow podcast I’m speaking with Melanie Knights. Melanie is a former fat loss coach, turned business coach and productivity junkie helping emerging female entrepreneurs to accelerate their business to consistent monthly income, without having to work 24/7. She lives in the UK with her husband and son, but their hearts are in North Carolina and … Read More

You Are Not Entitled to Your Health

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The doors are open to my private 1:1 coaching program, ELEVATE! If you’re listening to this in real time, I’m accepting applications to my 16 week program, which uses my internal mapping method to create breakthroughs with your mindset, lifestyle and in your body. By the end of ELEVATE, you’ll feel confident around food (and in every area of your … Read More

Cannabis Industry & Uses, Breast Implant Illness and Managing Toxic Load with Jacqueline Carly

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**Please note: Jac is based in the USA, which means that all of the legalities discussed on the podcast are the current laws as of time of publishing in September 2018 and are not necessarily the same here in Canada, particularly regarding cannabis.  Additionally, the laws are regularly changing.  Please check this website from the Government of Canada for up … Read More

The Impact of a Positive Attitude with Candace Smith

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Even if you don’t already know Candace, simply listening to her talk is going to put the biggest smile on your face, because she positively radiates her incredibly upbeat attitude in everything that she does. Candace Smith is the CEO of Beauty of Strength, and has been coaching women to sustainable health and fitness for over a decade, with various … Read More

Dealing with Anxiety: Growing Through Taking Action

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We’re talking anxiety today. I’ve learned a lot about anxiety in the past few years.  First via a family member who has gone through periods of crippling anxiety, then coming to the realization that I have tendencies to be extremely anxious myself. Through a lot of my own research, trying different tactics, going to counselling and pulling myself out of … Read More

Victim Mindset with Christina Montalvo

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This is the first episode in what will be an ongoing series with one of my favourite people and best friends, Christina Montalvo! I’m over the moon to introduce you to this incredible powerhouse of a woman.  Christina in an anti-diet and body image coach teaching women to be total badasses by building incredible confidence without all of the dieting … Read More

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

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It feels like gratitude is becoming some sort of fad with the number of times I hear it mentioned lately, especially on social media. However, it’s for excellent reason: Learning to look for gratitude retrains your brain to search for gratitude in everything. How cool is that?!  It’s the habit and attitude we can easily cultivate, and it keeps giving … Read More

Consistency Over Perfection

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 Consistency. It’s the biggest issue I hear from people.  I ask a couple of questions as women request to join the Room to Grow Facebook group, and the most popular response I receive is that consistency is the biggest issue holding them back from reaching their goals, particularly when it comes to nutrition. It makes total sense, because it’s … Read More