A Dinner Party Menu [ 2 Courses of Recipes ]


Last weekend my guy and I hosted a couple of family members at our house for dinner.  It was a crazy week so I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.  Let’s be real, when you’re having people over you want to be able to enjoy that time and spend it visiting as opposed to worrying about the food. … Read More

Don’t Fall for Labels

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Quick note before we start: When I use the word diet in reference to the way in which one consumes food, I’m referring to the types of food that a person eats habitually, as opposed to the act of restricting food.  Additionally, I hold no judgment whatsoever in regards to the way anyone eats.  How one eats is no one’s … Read More

Consistency in 8 Steps

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I think for the most part, people realize that better health doesn’t happen overnight.  Many of us may have already tried the various diets, cleanses and detoxes that claim to help us lose weight, but the road to being comfortable in our skin and in great health is not a magic pill. It’s about making consistently healthy choices most of … Read More

Eating Fat Will Not Make You Fat

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We’ve all seen the magazine covers advertising something along the lines of “15 Snacks Under 200 calories” or “6 Dinners Under 500 calories.” They promise to help you shed weight by eating as little as possible, often at the price of compromising taste and cutting important ingredients like healthy fats.  I was raised on this belief like most people my … Read More

Eat Your Greens Soup


Soup is one of the most satisfying way to sneak more vegetables into your day while appealing to your palate and keeping you warm and cozy on these late winter days. This soup is adapted from Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows in her first cookbook.  I have recommended the book and gifted it to many people, she has a way of … Read More

3 Simple Success Strategies for Consistency

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Perfection is not a sustainable activity.  I would know, since I used to try and eat the “perfect” meals every day that left me with massive cravings and wanting to eat everything in sight, which I would end up giving in to within days (or sometimes hours) of starting the latest new fad diet or severely restricting calories. The all-or-nothing attitude … Read More

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes and Maple Glaze


Sharing a delicious recipe below that is a favourite around here! I eat basically the same way, every single day of the week. Even while on vacation or during holidays, I stick pretty close to my usual types of foods with only slight variations. Usually my meals involve protein + all the veggies, and some healthy fats and carbs thrown … Read More

6 Ways to Beat Cravings

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Have you ever had a seemingly uncontrollable urge to eat something you know isn’t the best for you and probably won’t make you feel great? Perhaps it’s that midafternoon slump around 3pm when cravings hit or all you want to do is grab the candy bars out of the vending machine at your office, the non-stop nighttime snacking, or munching … Read More