There’s ALWAYS room to grow, whether that’s the relationship we have with ourselves, others, food and nutrition, or our mindset.

Host Emily Gough is a Holistic Nutritionist and women’s lifestyle coach with a no holds barred approach to helping you to gain confidence so you can stress less, cut through the BS in the nutrition industry and in your life to help you create a life you love that, yes, actually includes foods like chocolate.

Emily interviews female entrepreneurs, experts in particular areas of interest, and coaches real-life clients so that you can learn how to elevate yourself into the absolute best, happiest and healthiest version of yourself to live your ultimate life…because it’s not just about the food.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, climbing the corporate ladder, living the #girlboss lifestyle, or just looking to figure out how to show yourself some love, you’ll get inspired and be able to implement real strategies and tangible tips immediately.

Are you in? Let’s get growing!

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