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Your Complete Guide on How to Attract & Interview Guests

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Having guests on your podcast is an incredible tool to catapult your show into the ears of new listeners, curate incredible guests that offer a ton a value to your audience, and to create raving fans.

The best part about having guests on?  When done right, you’re building your network and creating authentic, genuine relationships with people.

Think about it: you’re not just reaching out to someone in the DMs with a big following and telling them how cool their breakfast looked this morning.

If you book them for an interview, you’re likely having a 30 - 60 minute conversation with them about a topic that lights both of you up.  That’s an AMAZING opportunity for both of you, and a chance to have a huge impact on your listeners to bring your message into the ears of people who need to hear it most!

Whether you’re brand new to the idea of podcasting and want to get set up in the best way right off the bat, or you’ve been at this for a while and want to step up your game, I’ve got you covered.

This robust 12 page guide walks you through:

  • Where to find potential guests
  • Learning how to connect with people in a real, genuine way
  • How to reach out and land awesome guests
  • The one crucial step I see most podcasters skip that can turn off guests
  • 7 step MUST-DO checklist to rock the interview
  • How to make the most of promoting the episode
  • My exact checklist I follow when booking guests and following up that will have you look like a total pro, and your guests will feel taken care of and appreciated.

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Hi! I'm Emily Gough, founder and host of the Room to Grow Podcast.

I help female entrepreneurs use podcasting and their unique voice to stand out online. I'm also a lifestyle coach and the founder of Emily Gough Coaching. I started podcasting in 2017 and it sparked in me an unexpected passion. A passion to help teach other women who have a strong message to share with the world how to step into their power and take the fear out of podcasting.

Podcasting is one of my favourite things to do. It has allowed me to build trust with my audience, grow my business, expand on a new platform, and build strong relationships with people across multiple industries I would otherwise have never had an oppourtunity to connect with.

After launching two separate podcasts since November 2017, including one with a co-host and now my current podcast on my own, I've learned and implemented strategies that I want to share with you that will help you navigate how to successfully and confidently create your own podcast and business.

Usually you can likely find me wearing the same shirt as yesterday, ignoring my cold cup of tea and trying to snuggle every dog I can find. After 11 years working in the corporate world, I quit my job to pursue my dream career empowering women to live the life they've been dreaming of through my high access coaching, podcasting, and daily inspiration wherever I can sprinkle it on social media.

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