I’m dedicated to opening as many hearts and minds as possible through the power of connection.

Through many years of personal study & professional experience working with clients, I take a holistic approach utilizing the mind-body connection and guiding you to tap into the innate wisdom you already possess.

What you most need to know about me is that I fully believe in playing in the middle ground of nuance.

Getting curious about why we do the things we do.

Understanding how our individual worldviews are shaped.

Holding a safe space for the conversations that facilitate transformative growth. 

And I'm here to teach you to do the same.


teaching you the art of healthy, fulfilling relationships.

I’ve been in the corporate role. Lived the white picket fence life. Had the 5, 10, and 20 year life plans laid out and traded all the comforts and illusion of security for the unknowns in order to become an expert in human connection and explore the ways we relate.

My wide-ranging and extensive continuing educational background incorporates learnings from a variety of teachers & programs focused on applied positive psychology, holistic health, relationship dynamics, the nervous system, sexuality, and trauma.

My work is born from encountering my own rock bottoms and alchemizing the pain into a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, which fuels me to help others learn to do the same.

To use our experiences to expand, to build and create thriving relationships, and to remain open
in the way you relate to others, even when closing would feel so much easier.

I had to learn how to peel back the layers of who I thought I had to be in order to meet the person I’d always meant to become and continue to deepen into.

I’m a connector. Writer. Speaker. Mentor. Entrepreneur. Emotional alchemist. Community builder. Adventurer. Collaborator. Global traveler. Loud laugher. Weight lifter. Lifelong learner. Outgoing introvert. Unapologetic
food connoisseur.

I’m a believer in truth, integrity, compassion, communication, and taking ownership of our
own healing.

I teach you how to trust, how to transition through major & disruptive life events, how to create a sense of peace and ease for yourself, and how to show yourself and those around you compassion as you undergo your own personal reinvention.



Showing up with curiosity & choosing to view the world through a lens of compassion is one of the greatest tools we can bring into our lives, our relationships, and the connection we create
with ourselves.

You’re not broken, you’re already completely and entirely whole. A living, breathing entity full of beautiful imperfections that give life to the human you already are and continue to become.

Pain can create possibilities, purpose and redirection. It has the potential to become the fertile void in which seeds are planted that will begin to bloom as your own seasons change.

The most important work we can do is learning to practice acceptance of who we are, embrace who we are becoming, and detaching from outcomes to reclaim our own personal power.

To truly embody your values, actions have to match words. Even when no one is watching. And, whatever qualities you’re looking for in others? Make damn sure you’re showing up with those qualities yourself.

Healing starts from within. And the quality of our relationships expand as we do.

Everyone who comes into our lives is a teacher. If you’ve landed here, we’re probably crossing paths for a reason. Whether you stick around for a quick moment or decide to reach out and connect, I’m so glad you stopped by.


Emily Gough is a human connection coach, author of the book You Grow Me, speaker and host/founder of the respected top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast. Fuelled by insatiable curiosity for the nuance and complexities of relationships and the human experience, she takes a holistic mind/body approach using the psychology and physiology of emotions to give you the guidance, real-life tools and perspective you need to take ownership of your life, revolutionize your relationship to yourself, and create thriving connections with others.

An old soul, Emily’s style of both teaching and coaching combines powerful insights and wisdom with a playful attitude and sense of humour. With features in well-known publications like Forbes and interviews on dozens of podcasts, Emily is sought after for her compassionate, direct and genuine approach. 

Connect with Emily at emilygoughcoaching.com or on IG @emilygoughcoach.

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She doesn’t just coach you, she sees you in a way that perhaps no one else has ever been able to, and this explains the rarity & power of Emily. She sees who you were & what has happened. She then helps you realize your pain, frustration & struggles were the very things needed to wake you up and get you to where you are meant to be. She shows you how to use all that has happened to fuel all the best that’s to come. She’s done it for herself and countless others and she will do it for you. Hers is an exceedingly rare skill, one you can’t afford to miss.

Founder of Next Level Human®

- Dr. Jade Teta

"Emily’s power is somewhere between clairvoyance & coaching"

"Emily has an honest knack for connecting with people and making them feel seen and heard."

Her transparency is real, and she's been helping her community process all the ish around being a human in relationships for years now. I've seen such integrity in the way she supports her clients, and her sensitivity and honesty is legit. There are few people I would trust to do any kind of heart/relationship work like this, in the online space where there's already so much tension, disappointment and ethical issues...and Emily is definitely one of them.

Launch Copy Coach

-Chelsea Wallace

" Emily’s engaging, compassionate approach to tough subjects leaves you wanting more "

 and she balances vulnerability with grace and wit. Her message and ability to turn stories into impactful teaching moments creates an instant connection.

CEO of Headbands of Hope

- Jess Ekstrom

“Working with Emily initiated a desire to nourish myself"

Before working with her, I hadn't realized how much I looked to other people to do this FOR me. I was expecting other people to MAKE me feel loved, cared for, important and worthy of rest. Emily helped me to realize a) that I was doing this at all and b) how to actually love taking care of me, myself.


“My life has changed since meeting Emily."

I’ve never had 1:1 coaching before, and although I knew I would benefit from it, I was always skeptical. I feel so lucky that we connected at the exact time I needed her, and was instantly rid of the skepticism and wished I had met her sooner. My anxiety-ridden body has finally been able to take a deep breath, accept my quirks, and learn to love and appreciate myself. As a result of my personal growth, my relationships (professional, platonic & romantic) have all flourished in ways I never thought would be possible. I will sing her praises today and everyday!”

-Steph M.

Not only does Emily make you feel all the feels, she encourages it. Life is about accepting the changes, the good, the bad and the in between and Emily reminds me of this and has helped me examine my old patterns & weaknesses while reminding & revealing to me my strengths. Want to build a better life story and realize the beauty in your life story so far? Then you must connect with Emily. She has helped me trust the process, feel the pain, celebrate the joy and bounce a little higher after each fall. Don't miss out on improving your relationships with friends, lovers, coworkers, family and most importantly, yourself.”

- Donna M.

“It’s hard to put into words how Emily’s incredible presence has influenced my life so far."

and LONG after the workshop, group members would bring up in conversation how Emily opened their minds and hearts to the many ways they can deepen and improve the relationships in their lives. Members have told me about conversations they've had with their partners and family members as a result of the session they attended with Emily. Her valuable and generous presentation offered such a beautiful and playful perspective on what makes a relationship meaningful, authentic and, ultimately, deeply connected.”

-Jessica Bommarito

"Emily presented on personal and professional relationship building for a group I facilitate"

Owner of Groundswell Coworking

 It’s something I had really struggled with, especially as an overachiever and a male. From a male point of view we are taught to avoid talking about our emotions. I was going through a breakup and grieving the relationship, and there was something different about Emily’s energy as a coach, so authentic and genuine. Emily understood me as an individual and coached me to deal with my pain, made me sit in the discomfort and helped me figure out how to live with it in a healthy way rather than suppressing it. If you work with Emily, commit to the process and you won’t have any regrets.

-Mario M.

"What I learned most from Emily was self compassion and that’s how I like to live now."


Step into your strength. Reclaim your power. Allow yourself to be truly seen.

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Create the kind of relationships that make your entire nervous system breathe a sigh of relief as you think to yourself, “this is what it’s supposed to feel like.”