Teaching You How To Do The Sh*t That Scares You.

How can I support you right now?

I need support creating healthy boundaries in my life & relationships.

I need more support and human connection as I grow through this.

Let's dive into the uncomfortable, messy parts of life so you can be a stronger, more resilient human.​

Room to Grow™ Mastermind

Learn to create meaningful relationships. Set boundaries & communicate clearly. Confidently make bold choices like your life depends on it. Because it does.

One on One Support When You Need It Most

Whether you need a single hour of direction and clarity or ongoing support as you grow, Emily is your no BS coach to deliver results.

Want to make a bigger impact?

Our courses support you getting crystal clear on your story so that you can expand your voice, reach and create connection with more people via Podcasting.

Human Connection Coach. Speaker. Mental Health Advocate. Host of the Room to Grow™ Podcast.

With years of coaching experience and both connection & compassion as superpowers, Emily’s genuine, down-to-earth and direct approach will give you the guidance and perspective you need to make the bold moves you’ve been avoiding.

No fluff or #goodvibesonly around here. Instead, you get real-life tools and strategies that will help you like & trust yourself more to create the life you deserve. 

Find a Little Room To Grow™ Every Tuesday and Thursday on the Podcast.

Talking about the uncomfortable shit most people avoid. No BS. Zero fluff. Lots of laughter & compassion.

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