Be So F*cking Loyal to Your Personal Transformation You Become Unshakeable

November 11, 2021

Sometimes we can be so loyal to everyone around us, we forget to be loyal to ourselves.

It can feel simpler to be loyal to everyone around us and keep ourselves last in line, partly because it’s often easier to have clarity on what others are going through when our own paths seem uncertain.

Here’s what I can offer you around how to gain clarity on your own personal transformation when it feels as though you have none:


Trust the journey.
Trust yourself on the path that you’re on.
Trust that if you commit so deeply to your own growth and personal transformation, the clarity will present itself over time.

I’ve struggled with this, and have been in the midst of some very heavy, intensive deep healing work the past couple months in particular, and I can relate to how tough it can be to trust the journey when you can’t seem to find the clarity you’re searching for.

Try visualizing yourself holding a little ball of light in the darkness.

It’s just bright enough that it represents hope, and keeps your spark alive while helping to light the path even when it feels dark and uncertain.

The light guides you a little bit at a time so that you can see just far enough ahead of you to take another step forward, one at a time, and slowly you begin to make more progress than you thought possible.

Because in all honesty, if you went from darkness to a brilliantly bright room in a split second, you’d be completely blinded and able to see even less than before.

It would be too much, overwhelming both your senses and your nervous system. You wouldn’t be prepared for it.

It’s why things have to come to us a little at a time and why the journey unfolds the way that it does.

But if you can commit to your own personal journey, you’re going to build an unshakeable foundation for everything that’s to come.

On today’s episode, we’re talking:

  • What to do when you feel lost
  • How to ground yourself
  • Trusting the process in order to gain the clarity you’re searching for
  • Developing fierce boundaries
  • Reconnecting to yourself and turning pain into purpose.

I’m also walking you through some visualizations, grounding techniques, and deep healing work that will be especially important if you’ve been feeling a little bit lost as you move through big shifts. I got you ????


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