The Fear of Communication, Asking for What You Want in the Bedroom & Embracing Your Sensitivity with Sara Silverstein

Today’s episode is a little bit different than anything I have ever done before! This is the VERY first ever LIVE podcast recording I’ve ever done and it was so fun, we will definitely be doing this again. We had so much engagement and interaction with the audience, it really was great!  Joining me today on the live recording is a good friend of mine, Sarah Silverstein.  Sarah is a breathwork facilitator. She is a female sexuality expert and she has all kinds of incredible things to her name. 

Today’s episode is all about communication, Sarah and I are talking all about;

  • Why we struggle so much with communication, and the fears that can arise when we are sharing our needs. 
  • The one tool Sarah suggests that can shift the entire conversation when you’re engaging in some stressful communication
  • How to open stressful types of conversations in a way that makes you and the other person feel feel safe
  • And a whole lot more…

Are you ready? Let’s go!


EPISODE 139: The Transformative Power Of Breathwork with Sara Silverstein






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