Building Your Circle of Influence, Regulating Emotions & Breaking the Stigma Around Being Single

We are most influenced by the people closest to us, whether we like it or not. We adopt their stories, belief systems, mindsets, and so much more.  Building yourself a very strong circle of influence is incredibly important, and feeling supported by them is even more important. 

Today we are talking all about;

  • How the people you surround yourself with have a large impact on how you show up every day
  • Why it is so important to build yourself a sturdy, strong & supportive circle of influence 
  • The importance of still being able to regulate your own emotions, because you won’t have people available all the time to help you up
  • And much more…

Are you ready? Let’s go! Hit the play button above to listen now, or keep scrolling to read the full transcription

References from today’s episode: 

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