The Weight of Expectations & Attaching to Outcomes

The weight of expectations can crush relationships, businesses, and self confidence.

This can happen in all kinds of different situations.  Business & personal/romantic relationships, that job interview you went to, the vacation you have planned in advance down to the minute, even a night out with friends sometimes.

We make up stories in our heads about *exactly* how a certain situation is going to go down, and when things inevitably play out different, we’re left disappointed and unhappy with the result because it didn’t play out exactly as we imagined they would.

What’s worse is that we often end up not appreciating the beautiful things that come out of an interaction, experience or relationship because we’re too tied up in what “should have been.”

If only THIS went differently, then our fantasy story would have been fulfilled.

Not only that, but it’s a prime example of miscommunication.

We’re expecting someone else to know and follow the exact same steps we’ve laid out in our own heads about how our mutual relationship is going to go.

It’s totally unrealistic and then we miss out on the experience in the present, or the potential lessons that can come from it or be pulled from it.

We’re breaking all of this down in today’s episode, and I’m giving you 3 ways to start living more in the present and not getting so caught up in your own expectations and attachments.


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