[BIZ TIPS] Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast

It’s time for some Saturday biz talk!  And I’m going to bring up something that’s a bit of an elephant in the room: why I DON’T want you to start a podcast.

This might seem a little off-brand, given that I help entrepreneurs launch podcasts for a living.

Why would I try to talk you out of it?

Because there are people and businesses for which podcasting simply isn’t the right fit, solution, or platform.  Or simply because you have too much else on your plate and perhaps this isn’t the right time.  The potential reasons are endless, and we need to discuss them because as passionate as I am about podcasting and shouting the amazing benefits from the rooftops, I also don’t want you to dive head first into launching one of your own if there aren’t some key puzzle pieces in place.  

There have been multiple times I’ve gently turned people away from launching a podcast of their own, or redirected their attention to a different part of their business that would help them to have a greater impact, and I’m walking you through some areas that you need to seriously consider before deciding to start a podcast.

There’s a lot to consider, and I want the greatest success for you.  So before you make the decision to launch a podcast, let’s have an open discussion around why you might want to decide against it.



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