Trust is a Choice: Creating a Confident Relationship with the Unknown

Dr. Rachel Botsman defines trust as “a confident relationship with the unknown” and I thought that was such a beautiful way of phrasing it.

Trust will provide growth, which requires patience, uncertainty, vulnerability, and looking inward with the understanding that you don’t know what’s next in the abyss.

Today we’re talking:

  • Giving people close to us the benefit of the doubt
  • While also learning how to become more discerning with our trust
  • The ways trust can be both built and torn down in the smallest ways that we may not even notice unless we pay close attention
  • What happens when we’re out of integrity in any area of our lives an dhow it shows up elsewhere
  • Figuring out how to trust yourself first and foremost, regardless of circumstances
  • How you can feel trust in the body

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