Hi, I’m Emily!

So excited you’re here!

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, passionate about helping women develop a more positive attitude towards food, how to eat and the amazing things good nutrition can do to change your life.

I chose to pursue Holistic Nutrition because it examines the body as a whole and is inclusive of body, mind and the close connection between systems.

It is my mission to take the confusion, fear and sense of overwhelm out of eating. Consuming food is a ritual that should be celebrated and enjoyed, not met with dread.

Helping people find joy in the process of discovering how different foods work for their individual bodies and can make them feel their absolute best is the most exciting part of my job.

Some things you might not know about me:

· Growing up, I had a family member who worked for a major candy/chocolate company and we actually had a cupboard dedicated entirely to junk food. Additionally, eating Doritos and popcorn were some of my favourite snacks. Somehow I escaped cavity-free.

· I’m an only child and had a golden retriever for most of my childhood. While I don’t have a dog currently, I’m kind of obsessed and will stop to pat every single dog I meet

· I’m 6 feet tall and have regularly had my level of coordination compared to that of a baby giraffe. I spent my adolescence avoiding requests that came my way solely due to my height to play on various basketball and volleyball teams. I felt I was too clumsy and wanted to read books rather than play sports.

· Further to that, I was so bad I was the ONLY person cut from my grade 8 basketball team when a friend convinced me to try out with her, ha! I was secretly relieved.

· I had never worked out or cooked my own food (other than a certain chemical-laden macaroni and orange laden cheese dish that comes from a box) by the time I moved out on my own for university at age 17

· Spent a month backpacking on my own across Europe when I was 21 and loved every minute of solo travel

· Fave foods: dark chocolate, peanut butter, cherries

The Full Story

I became interested in a healthier lifestyle after years of pursuing various diets that didn’t work. I wasn’t consistent with the way I ate or how I moved my body, and was frustrated at the lack of results along with being overwhelmed by information.

Hearing about some new fad way of eating that involved as few calories as possible and promised to drop whatever extra weight I felt I was carrying, I would jump on the bandwagon only to find myself feeling hungry all the time, obsessed with when my next meal would be, and rapidly losing willpower.

Quickly learning that an easy fix wasn’t going to give me sustainable good health, I wanted to find a better way to eat that would relieve my digestive distress, make me feel comfortable in my own skin and would be simple enough that I could maintain it as a lifestyle.

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, I began working in the corporate world.  A few years later I obtained my certifications as a personal trainer and a fitness instructor and taught bootcamps for several years, but I knew I wanted something more.

Nutrition seemed to be the key to true better health and I started casually looking into various programs where I could learn more. When I came across the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I knew I had found the right fit. I was amazed to start learning how much of an impact food and digestion have on the entire body and began soaking up all information I could.

Ever since, my biggest mission and passion has been to guide women to fuel themselves with healthier choices and a positive mindset to create a life they love.