Hey I'm Emily!

My life was flipped upside down with a knock on the door one Christmas Eve.

Everything changed that night, when I found out that my partner at the time of 9 years had been having an affair off/on for our entire time together.

It was a devastating blow.

The kind that left me quite literally unable to pull myself up off the cold tiles of the kitchen floor on more nights than I could count.

On top of that, 6 months earlier after spending more than a decade feeling trapped in my corporate job, I had finally quit to make a go of the little online side-hustle I’d been quietly working on for a couple years.

All of this added up to one of those moments when you float up out of your body, looking down on yourself and knowing your next decisions will impact the rest of your life.

I had spent so many years feeling stuck, between a job I knew I didn’t belong at and in a relationship I thought was the best I could do and had moments of wondering, “is this it?

The circumstances that led to this cataclysmic event were ones I couldn’t have dreamed up in my worst nightmares, but they presented me with a choice: stay comfortable, or face my deepest fears of the terrifying unknowns that would come with choosing something different.

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Even though I was scared sh*tless, I ended the relationship, sold the house along with most of my belongings, and took off to the other side of the world on my own with a one way plane ticket.

Do you feel it too?

  • That little twinge of knowing that you’re capable of more?
  • The glimpse of the full, technicolour version of yourself before retreating into the more timid, fearful version that feels like you’re existing only as a shell of your true self?
  • This feeling like you might be too much or going against the grain?

No idea where to start but knowing you absolutely must do something differently?

This is the right step for you if you're:

  • Unsure what your next right step is.
  • Confused about a potential career move.
  • Dealing with a major shift in relationships in your life.
  • Trying to learn how to show up as yourself, rather than the version of you that everyone else expects.
  • Wondering who you even are anymore, and feeling lost, dejected, and dissatisfied.
  • Exhausted, burned out, and knowing you need to make major changes in your life, but have no idea where to begin.
  • Ready to say “f*ck you” to the expectations others place upon you.


I’m here to fully and personally support you on your journey in a way that aligns with what you want most from your life and to help you move forward with the kind of confidence you haven’t seen in yourself since…well, ever.

But you have to be willing to put in the work. That part, I can’t do for you, K? 😉

When I started showing up unapologetically, everything changed.

  • Because of the incredible support system I was privileged to both have and create, I stopped playing small and started fully owning my natural strengths
  • I leaned on my coaches to stop hiding behind what I thought I should be doing and started just being myself.
  • I focused on showing up in every aspect of my life as the full version of me without watering myself down to make others comfortable 

I'm not going to bullsh*t you with some magic formula. Growth is hard work. But imagine being able to:

  • Find the genuine, supportive kind of relationships with ourselves and others you didn’t think was possible, and feeling fully understood.
  • Break your own personal barriers and allow for room to grow and expand into being a stronger, more compassionate human.
  • Cultivate the freedom to speak your truth and to be honest with yourself and others from a place of radical self acceptance and owning exactly who you are, unapologetically.

If you want to dive in, let’s talk.

I launched an Apple top 200 podcast, started my online coaching business and I've been living my truth ever since.

Room to Grow™ Podcast started as an idea buried in a Google doc.

That turned into a listening experience that hits top 200 charts globally in Mental Health and is listened to in more than 100 countries.

I started to realize that the podcast alone wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to offer much more support to people who were willing to do the work to go deeper, to gain clarity about exactly who you are and leaning into your unique skill sets to step into versions of yourself you haven’t even met yet.

Because there’s always Room to Grow™.

Let's dive into the uncomfortable, messy parts of life so you can be a stronger, more resilient human.​

Room to Grow™ Mastermind

Learn to create meaningful relationships. Set boundaries & communicate. Confidently make bold choices like your life depends on it. Because it does.

One on One Support When You Need It Most

Whether you need a single hour of direction and clarity or ongoing support as you grow, Emily is your no BS coach to deliver results.

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Our courses support you getting crystal clear on your story so that you can expand your voice, reach and create connection with more people via Podcasting.

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