About Emily Gough

I help women feel confident and take action when it comes to their podcast, business & lifestyle, even when life feels overwhelming & scary as f*ck.

Most days you can find me in gym clothes, chasing vegetables around some random bowl of delicious food and patting every dog I come across.

I’m probably snacking on some dark chocolate or a even a cupcake as you read this, and dreaming up new ways to teach entrepreneurs to create a life that they love, launch their podcasts to reach wider audiences and grow their businesses, and build real, lasting, healthy relationships with themselves and others.

But I wasn’t always running a business. For 11 years I was in a corporate job by day, hustling on the side by night.

From an admin job at a pole dance studio to teaching bootcamp classes, I knew I wanted more but wasn’t quite sure what that was going to look like. Finally, I settled on going back to school part time (every Friday night for two years, no less!) to become a holistic nutritionist while maintaining my full time job.

I became interested in nutrition after years of yo-yo dieting and attempting to be super restrictive with different foods only to find myself binging on the very foods I was trying to avoid, and I realized that some foods weren't making me feel great and would even affect my mood. 

Other foods would have a big impact on my cravings.  It was so fascinating being my own personal guinea pig and I was learning so much about myself that I wanted to help other women do the same.  

Once I graduated, I set up shop on my own little corner here on the Internet, and went on quit my corporate gig after 11 years to go full time pursuing my dream career empowering women to live the life they've been dreaming of through podcasting and coaching.

Since then, things have evolved and grown in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.  After launching two different podcasts, it still amazes me that I get to connect with incredible people all over the world from the comfort of my bedroom in my bathrobe with a mic in one hand and a cup of (probably cold) herbal tea in the other.

In fact, I became so passionate about it, I shifted the focus of my entire business.  Now, I’m teaching women how to use this platform to share their own unique message straight into the earbuds of listeners around the world and to find their purpose, create an impact, make waves, and design a business they love.  

I’m mostly known for going deep into heavy topics that many people avoid…

Topics like mental health & anxiety, being open and real about the tough lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn) along the way, and for my brutal honesty, served with all kinds of love and compassion.  

I love serving the world by helping women shed the fear and anxiety around podcasting, entrepreneurship and life in general to give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to take even the smallest step of action towards those big dreams of yours.

You have a message that someone needs to hear, and keeping it to yourself does you and everyone else a disservice.

Putting yourself out there is scary.  Living with regret about holding back is much scarier.  You've thought about sharing your knowledge or story, helping others to grow through lessons hard earned through personal experiences, and if you're ready, I'm here to help you figure out how to make it happen.

Podcasting is my favourite platform, because we're all craving connection, and chatting right into someone's ear is an incredibly intimate experience.  Not only do you get to chat while in your jammies and bathrobe, but people feel like you're a real-life friend, they get to know you, and you'll often find yourself sharing everyday stories that allow people a small glimpse into your life.  All this while you share your message that might be hitting someone's ears at the exact moment they needed to hear it.

You're capable of so much more

One of the biggest things that absolutely lights me up is helping women to realize their own potential, to stop living in fear and believing the lies that whisper through your head.  Things like “not good enough,” “who do you think you are,” and “it’s too late for me” are those little phrases that can hold us back from reaching our biggest, wildest dreams.

We get one life.  ONE. Think about it: what would your life would look like if you actually let yourself dream and step into the vision you have for your ultimate life?

Emily takes something that seems like another huge project to take on and simplifies the steps all while adding unique industry secrets to accelerate your podcasting launch date. Her organizational strategies and relationship building techniques are super beneficial and have helped clients of mine not only feel that they can start a podcast, but actually take the steps to make it happen.

If starting a podcast is something you want to do but keep putting it off... Emily is your best shot at launching a successful podcast while being fully supported by an amazing coach.

Maryalice Goldsmith

Working with Emily has been the single best choice I've made for my health. I came to Emily seeking help getting my nutrition under control,  but she taught me more than I could have ever expected, and because of her help my life has completely changed.

Amanda L.

Emily's upbeat and positive attitude is what drew me to her and made me believe we would be a great fit.  She took the time to listen to me and look into ways to help reach my goals. She is professional, highly motivated and has a wealth of information. She took some of my problem areas into consideration and helped to find solutions tailored to my lifestyle, changes that I could make and stick with.It has been a wonderful experience and I recommend her services.


When clients tell me that a single phone call with me changed their lives, I’m reminded of why I do what I do.

It’s stories like the above that make it all worth it beyond what I ever could have expected 11 years ago when I took a leap of faith and figured it out as I went.

If you and I were sitting down over a cup of coffee to get to know each other, I’d tell you:

  • That I don’t actually drink coffee, and I’d be sipping herbal tea or kombucha instead!
  • Oceans and mountains are my favourite. I think that’s why I love Hawaii so much, best of both worlds wrapped into one.
  • I’m happiest travelling, exploring, and creating new adventures everywhere. Basically, plane tickets are my love language.
  • When you hang with me (or listen to my podcast), you’re going to hear curse words. Sometimes it’s just necessary to make a point, you feel me?
  • To meet up with me in person for a heavy barbell lifting sesh, or to go for a hike or a walk. Best way to get to know someone is for a date where we move!
  • I always have never-ending piles (and lists) of books to read with an unfortunate tendency to return library books late. Whoops.
  • Netflix and chill? Turn on some Game of Thrones or Veronica Mars and I’m IN!
  • When I work closely with clients and they have massive, life changing breakthroughs while we’re talking something through, it makes my heart so damn happy every single time.

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