200th Special Edition Episode: 10 Gifts Podcasting Has Given Me

April 23, 2020

Episode 200, Wow…to say I’m in shock over hitting 200 episodes might be a bit of an understatement.  When I started this podcast I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that it would get to Episode 200, and have been listened to in more than 80 different countries around the globe.

I want to say thank you for coming on this journey with me, it’s been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m so incredibly grateful to all the listeners worldwide, to every guest from the past, and those still to come.  A huge thank you for being here!

Today I’m sharing the 10 biggest gifts this platform has given me.  Reaching 200 episodes is huge, and I want to share with you some of the biggest ways this platform has touched my heart, life and business, because it’s given me so much and I hope it has given you some of these gifts too.  Enjoy today’s episode, and thank you again for subscribing, for downloading, for tuning in every week, for following me on all the platforms, I appreciate you.

I’m also dropping a really exciting announcement.  Because I love podcasting so much, and I’m so grateful for everything this platform has given me, I decided to launch another one with my internet bestie Sarah Swain.  It’s called WTF is Happening.  Don’t worry though! Nothing is changing here at Room To Grow, I’ll still be with you twice a week delivering amazing content, topics, and guests. But make sure you join Sarah and I starting Wednesday, April, 29th on WTF Wednesday’s for our unfiltered take of the world, our views, and some of our various opinions.  It’s going to be awesome.

Don’t Forget I’ll be going live on Instagram & Facebook every single day at 8am ET until the global pandemic / quarantine / isolation is over, whenever that may be. Come join me over there!!

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Hey, this is Episode 200 of the room to grow podcast and I’m still in a little bit of shock because I can’t believe that I have created 200 episodes. Like I look at that number, and I’m just a little bit astonished because I never started any podcast thinking that I would get to 200. So I’m sort of in a little bit of shock, but hey, here we are, and I like what we’ve created together. I’m a big fan. So this is awesome. Okay I have a few things to let you know about. Today, we’re going to get into the 10 gifts that podcasting has given me. I wanted to make Episode 200 a little bit extra special, I wanted to do something a little bit different and I had all kinds of ideas. So things like reviewing prior episodes and highlighting some really important ones that you might have missed along the way because we’re 200 deep, especially if you’ve just come in more recently, and I thought you know what, I did that for Episode 100. So if you want to go back to Episode 100 I did a really fantastic full spread of some of the best episodes from the first 100. And if you follow me on Instagram, I am going to be sharing a lot of old episodes over the next couple weeks from the entire 200 to kind of give you a little bit. A lot of times when I do that people will will let me know that they’ve screen shotted them and then they go back to listen to them and how powerful they found some of those episodes that might have slipped through the cracks or maybe they’re just coming in as a podcast listener and they they miss them along the way. And I love it when podcasters that I follow do that too because they’ll remind me of ones that I might even want to re listen to. So I will still be doing that if you follow me over on Instagram @emilygoughcoach. So definitely go check that out. But I wanted to talk a little bit about how powerful podcasting has been for me and truly just the incredible gifts that it has extended to me that I never could have even imagined when I started this whole journey. So we’re going to get into that a little bit. 

First up, though, I want to let you know, speaking of the gifts that podcasting has given me, I’m launching another one. So, one of my internet besties is Sarah Swain, and she has been a guest on this podcast three different times, including the most recent one was Episode 194, talking all about the COVID situation, how to handle this as a business owner, stepping up as a leader, all of those things. She and I have been really great friends for a couple of years, and I hired her as my business coach, as well. She and I are launching a brand new podcast together. So it is launching on April 29, 2020. If you’re listening to this in real time, that’s less than one week away. And it’s going to be called the What the Fuck is happening podcast, Because we have a lot of questions. We are perpetually curious beings and we are going to be talking about everything from current events to questionable human behavior to the real behind the scenes of what it looks like to run an online business because there are a lot of questions about that. And I think that there’s a lot of things that a lot of people don’t discuss. And this is going to be an unfiltered take on our view of the world and some of our various opinions. And we’re both really challenging each other and anyone listening, to start to show up in a more unfiltered way. Because I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly unfiltered person. I am very direct, I’m very to the point to the point of sometimes unintentionally offending people who aren’t used to my level of honesty. And this whole situation that we’re in globally, I found has kind of shine a light for me on the fact that I’ve still been more filtered than I realized a little bit I spent nine years in a relationship where I chose I made the choice to water myself down a little bit, I still always remained a big personality. But I watered myself down for a partner who occasionally found me to be too much. And in the last year, year and a half since I ended that relationship, I have really stepped back into myself in a whole new way that I had never even quite reached these levels before that relationship. So this is kind of part of that, I think that this What the fuck is happening podcast is really going to continue my evolution on that journey. And I’m hoping that you get as much out of it as Sarah and I have gotten and I’m sure we will continue to get out of it putting it together for you. So we’re really, really excited about this. Keep an eye out April 29, that’s a Wednesday, we’re going to henceforth be referring to Wednesdays as What the Fuck Wednesdays. And prepare yourselves because this is not your average podcast. For anyone who doesn’t know Sarah, she’s also a chart topping podcast host herself. So this is going to be interesting. We were very excited about it. So definitely mark your calendars for that.

Additionally, I’m going to be talking more about podcasting today, as I mentioned, and I want to let you know that I do have an entire course if you aren’t familiar with my work. I am a podcasting and business coach. And I have an entire course all about podcasting and not just podcasting but podcasting for impact. That’s what I called the course because I feel so strongly about the impact that you can have by using a podcast by using your voice by speaking up and speaking your truth. So if you want any more information on that, you can jump over to podcastingforimpact.com and I also have some free resources I can direct you towards as well. 

Okay, so let’s get into this, episode 200 the 10 gifts that podcasting has given me. When I started thinking about this I was sort of overcome by truly the profoundness of is that a word? profoundness?. The really profound, let’s say impact that podcasting has had on me on a personal level. You know, my business, my entire life, my relationships like, it’s kind of shocking when I take a close look at it and this is why I feel so strongly about podcasting because I think that podcasting is an incredibly intimate experience. And we’re being granted access directly into people’s ears and I’m just always so grateful to anyone who listens, like thank you for listening to this because it’s so fascinating to me that we’re able to create these connections with perfect strangers that we’ve never met and could be somewhere completely different in the world. It’s really incredible when we think about it that way. And I think that it’s incredibly powerful because we’re also being integrated into people’s lives and everyday routines. So people will listen to podcasts while they’re cooking dinner, while they’re walking the dog, while they’re doing household chores, or just taking a walk. And there’s something about that, that makes you feel as though you’re best friends with the person speaking. And how cool is that? Like, that’s just such an incredible gift that in and of itself is an enormous gift. But let’s get into some of the other 10 points that I want to talk about. Number one is that it helped me to find my voice, both literal and metaphorical, and to speak my truth. I have absolutely grown into myself as a human being and as a business owner through this podcast and when I go back to listen to old episodes I know exactly where I was in life at that moment and can actually hear the progression in my voice, in my tone, in my energy and how much more sure of myself I am now than I was then. Podcasting has provided the vessel I didn’t know I needed to to teach and to share and to impact people. I didn’t know that I needed it. I never planned on being a podcaster. None of us even knew what that meant. Not that long ago, even like five years ago, most of us didn’t even know what that involved or entailed, podcasts were not mainstream. And for anyone who doesn’t know Room To Grow is actually my second podcast, the new podcast What the Fuck is Happening, will be the third. And by the way, I meant to tell you Room to Grow is not changing at all. So Room to Grow is staying exactly the same, this new podcast is just in addition to so nothing here is changing or shifting at all. But my first podcast was called Fit and Nourished Mind with my co host, Kate. And it’s still available to listen to on Apple, if you want to go check it out. And she and I actually started, we were good friends, we were tossing around the idea of maybe starting a podcast back in 2017 but we didn’t want to make the full commitment until we had a better idea as to what to expect. So we started by doing joint Facebook Lives, and people were showing up, they were asking questions, they were interested, we’re like, okay, you know, this is actually pretty fun, maybe we’ll give this a shot. So we launched Fit and Nourished Mind in November of 2017. And then we made it in about 50 episodes, and we just our business is going in different directions. So I actually had this idea for Room to Grow sitting in my Google docs for several months by this point. And I thought, you know what, I’m just gonna go for it because I love podcasting. I’ve seen the power that it can have. It’s just incredible. So I launched Room to Grow podcast in June of 2018, the same day that we ended Fit and Nourished Mind. And I mean, we’re almost nearly two years in now and 200 episodes deep, and it is just incredible to see the progression that has happened because, largely because of this podcast, and then on a personal level, I mean, anyone who’s familiar with my more personal story is aware of what a complete and utter transformation I’ve had as a human in the past couple of years. I mean, I found out about my former partners nine year affair that he’d had going on the entire time that we had been together, I ended that relationship, I essentially burned my entire life to the ground, got on a plane flew to the farthest corner of the globe that I could go and started a new life. And that is not the story that I ever expected to be telling you about myself.

Now obviously, I’m back in Canada. I’m grounded here because of the global situation that we’re in, which is fine. It’s, you know, it’s like the least of anyone’s problems. But it’s just really interesting to see the progression of that and to be able to almost trace that journey through the podcast. If you want more information, my more personal story, one of the biggest episodes that offers the most explanation is Episode 117. So you can certainly go check that out. But it’s just been really fascinating to see the difference. And when I listen back to certain podcast episodes, I know where I was emotionally when I recorded them. And when I think of how much I have changed and how much has shifted within me, from those older episodes, it’s really fascinating just on a personal level, for me to see that progression and to see my confidence in myself and in my ability to lead others having grown in such massive ways compared to six months ago, compared to a year ago, compared to a year and a half ago, to when this podcast started nearly two years ago, it’s just really interesting to see that progression. So that has been an incredible, incredible gift. And podcasting is not something that I ever expected to be such a significant part of my life, if at all, this is not something I ever expected, but it’s just been such an incredible gift. 

Number two in terms of the gifts that podcasting has given me, is sort of related to what I was just talking about. It’s documenting my own journey for myself, which is kind of crazy. But it’s also people that have maybe been with me a long time, or even just close, close personal friends and family who know what’s going on in my personal life, but they maybe get to hear it in an even different way. When I talk about things when I choose to share certain aspects of my life more publicly. It’s part of a journey. And honestly, at the end of the day, all any of us want is just to be told stories. That’s it. We just want to be told a story at the end of the day. And I think that that’s why we all love podcasts so much is because these little stories are woven into podcasts. And that’s another reason yet another reason why I think podcasting is so powerful, because a lot of times we will share little tidbits of our personalities like show flashes of our personalities or share little stories about ourselves that just kind of naturally come up when we’re speaking. But they’re not something that we would necessarily write about in a blog post, or a more formal written post or even on a video where things are maybe more scripted. So you feel like you get to know people even more intimately because of that. So you’re documenting this entire progression of work. It’s super fascinating. 

Number three in terms of gifts that podcasting has given me is all kinds of relationships. I’m talking about both with guests and listeners, and even clients too. It’s just been amazing. There are so many!  I’ve lost count of how many interviews I’ve done at this point. But I have really incredible relationships with a lot of the people that I’ve brought on to this podcast as guests that I would never have been able to have or even create, if it wasn’t for this podcast. And one of the things that I’m really incredibly passionate about, that I teach my students as well, is how to build really powerful relationships with both your listeners and your guests. Because I think that that’s such a crucial aspect of podcasting that often gets pushed to one side and people will look at the number of followers that a potential guest has or something like that but that is not what it’s about. First of all, you need to be focusing on value first, and what your listeners actually need, you need to look for that first before you choose the guest. And then you need to actually create trust with that guest, not only is that going to make for a much more powerful relationship for both of you, but that’s also going to create better rapport and create for a better interview. Not to mention, if you’re pitching to someone, I have a free guide for you all about pitching and publicity listed in the show notes that you can check out. It’s when you’re pitching to someone, you want to come at it from the point of building a relationship because you want this to be a long term thing. I’m not the kind of person who reaches out to podcast guests and then drops them like a hot potato afterwards because I’m done with them. That’s not what I’m about, as a podcast host or as a human. When I create a relationship with somebody, it’s because I have respect for them. It’s because I admire them in some way or I really truly see their value as a human being. And I want to maintain that. That’s really, really important. So the really beautiful relationships with all kinds of people that I otherwise would never have gotten to know, simply because of this podcast has been incredible and that applies to listeners as well, people who reach out to me to let me know that an episode impacted them in a certain way or how much they resonated with a particular piece of content or just thanking me for showing up for them sometimes, that never ceases to hit me straight in the feels. I just can never fully wrap my head around the fact that there are people who listen to this podcast globally. I’m so incredibly grateful for that incredible gift to be able to access and tap into that as a resource. And to be able to provide a resource hopefully, hopefully a valuable resource for anyone who needs it? Anyone who needs an encouraging word or who needs to hear a specific message at the exact right time. So those types of relationships that I’ve made with all kinds of people from all different walks of life, all over the globe, I cannot say enough incredible things about that. It is just, it’s absolutely, I’m almost speechless about it because it never ceases to amaze me, truly. 

Number four, in terms of the gifts that podcasting has given me is it’s provided me with a platform to elevate others.

And what I mean by that is, being given the opportunity to have a platform to invite certain guests, to give them a voice, to share their own story that will hopefully positively impact somebody, or even in the sense of, you know, some of the listeners that maybe have reached out to me they’ve said that something really helped them or something like that. But it’s helped them up level in their own lives. That’s incredible. That is such an incredible, incredible gift. And to be able to have access to this platform, which is free, by the way, is just amazing that we’re able to do that. 

Number five is a sense of purpose. This podcast has absolutely given me a sense of purpose and my business in general, but I’ll get to the business aspect in a moment. I have just found myself being so thankful over and over again throughout this entire isolation, quarantine, whatever thing that we’re in for having this deep sense of purpose within me, because if I didn’t have this podcast to show up for, if I wasn’t showing up for the Instagram and Facebook Lives that I do every single morning at 8am Eastern, if I didn’t have this almost urgent need to get my message out into the world, I think I would be in a mental health crisis. And this podcast talks a lot about mental health which is not a topic that I take lightly at all. I’m not a mental health professional, but I know myself and I know that if I didn’t have this inner sense of purpose, I would feel really, really lost right now. I have a huge amount of compassion for anyone and everyone who’s dealing with the effects of this in a wide variety of different ways, but I know some people who have either lost their jobs or been laid off and are kind of grounded at home. They don’t have another major project or something like that, you know, they don’t have an online business, they don’t have something like that to fall back upon. The first week or two in isolation was great to catch up on movies, clean, note a few clauses, whatever, but some people are starting to struggle, because they don’t have that inner sense of purpose and they don’t have the type of outlet that I have in terms of this podcast is one example to channel any of that. And that’s really tough, that takes a toll. So, I am even more grateful than ever before for having that sense of purpose because I’m in relatively good shape mentally. I definitely, right now even though there’s all kinds of events that have been canceled and plans have been canceled and I’ve been grounded, I was supposed to have all kinds of international travel all over the globe this year and all kinds of different things. But I think that in some ways, it makes it easier because we’re all in this together. This is a collective experience, which is so incredibly rare to have this level of collective experience. And just this sense of purpose that I have, and I have the resources and the platforms and the outlets available to me to make use of that sense of purpose. I have never felt more grateful for that gift and I hope that I will always remember this and never take those gifts for granted because I fully recognize that it’s not something that everyone has access to. Everyone technically has access to it. But it’s just not something that is the right choice for everyone that there can be a huge wide ranging number of possibilities here that we could come up with, but I just fully recognize how fortunate I am to have that because it’s keeping me going and it’s giving me life and I never want to take that for granted, I want to always remember this feeling of gratitude that I I’ve always been grateful for this platform, but this has given me an entirely new perspective that I never had before.

Number six of the gifts that podcasting has given me, is my entire business. I mean, that seems like an obvious one. But when I started I was in the corporate world for 11 years doing things on the side. I first started in kind of fitness and teaching boot camp classes and that type of stuff. Then I went back to school for two years part time while working full time to become a holistic nutritionist. I launched my online business and I ended up quitting my full time job to go full time with the online thing as a holistic nutritionist. And I was bored. I was bored. I thought ‘this is not what I signed up for’. This is not the magical unicorn business that I thought I was creating. And I don’t understand why everything feels so fucking difficult. Like this should not be this hard. It wasn’t until I launched my first podcast that Fit & Nourished Mind and then I launched the second podcast and about six months into the first part into the into the second podcast In the Room to Grow, people were all kinds of people were coming into the woodwork going, Okay, you’ve launched two podcasts? How the hell have you done this because I can’t even manage to get one off the ground and you seem to be doing relatively well, I mean that again, is all relative, whatever that looks like from the outside. But it just started occurring to me that I was lighting up when people would ask me about podcasting and business. And I felt a huge amount of guilt about dropping holistic nutrition because I thought you know what, I went to school for this for two full years, I spent all kinds of time and money and effort and energy creating this and giving myself that gift of that education. Am I really just going to flush it down the drain? The reality of that is that I don’t believe any education is ever a waste ever. So I will never have any regrets about that at all. And I think that it was a really integral part of my journey to get to where I am today. But my entire business has been built on the back of a podcast. And it has granted me all of these incredible gifts that I’m talking to you about today. But it’s also fueled my creativity, not just for the podcast alone, but on the business side of things and how I have built a course and created resources and helped people and coached people to do this for themselves and for their own businesses, to show up for other people and to have a huge impact in and of itself for their people. These are the types of things that I think about when I really trace it back. All of this comes down to podcasts. That started as an idea in a Google Doc, and has been born into this 200 episodes later. It’s just, It’s incredible. completely, completely unexpected. This is not the journey that I expected to take and this is not where I expected to be, but I’ve never been happier about it. So it’s just, it’s just amazing.

Number seven is the gift to be able to teach others anything. There are so many different podcasts out there. And I’ve heard of some really crazy, super cool niches of podcasts that they’re that I’m like really do the podcast about that. That’s amazing. And just being able to be granted this gift of having a space to teach others and to provide a free resource that people can refer back to, and to take the lessons that they hopefully learned here and apply it in their own lives or in their own businesses or or to their own mindsets. That’s amazing. And I never really thought of myself as a teacher until the last couple of years. And I think that innately all of us are teachers. Sometimes we just haven’t tapped into what we enjoy teaching. But I think that all of us are teachers and my friend Jay Tita talks about that a lot, too, he was on episode 17. He is my second most downloaded podcast ever and you may or may not be seeing him make a reappearance on the podcast soon. He always talks about how he believes that humans are here to teach, I believe he says, I hope I’m not misquoting him. But I believe he says, “to teach to learn to love”. And I really resonate with that on a deep level. I think that a lot of us just don’t think of ourselves as teachers because we don’t even realize our own gifts and we don’t even realize what we’re capable of teaching others or what we are already teaching others, we just don’t even notice it within ourselves. It’s not until other people pointed out, like me with the podcasting, it wasn’t until other people kept approaching me and going, Wow, you know, you’ve done something that a lot of other people haven’t, can you teach me how and I loved it. But it wasn’t until people kept basically holding that billboard up in my face that I realized it. So if I hadn’t had other stuff reflect that back to me, I might never be where I am today. So teaching is just such an incredible aspect of this. I know we keep saying these words over and over again. But we’re almost out of vocabulary for like, how powerful I think that all of this is. 

Okay, number eight is the gift of being able to hold space for others and to build a community. Again, not necessarily what I expected out of a podcast, but the community that has been born solely from this podcast has just been amazing to watch. And I’ve connected with other humans via this podcast, who’ve then gone on to collaborate with each other or to work with each other for something or maybe a listener goes and follows a guest of mine and ends up working with them or gains some really valuable knowledge from them. All of this comes down to the community aspect and supporting each other and just really coming together as humans, and I hope that this podcast, and that I as well, I’m always known for compassion. That’s a really important value for me. And I hope that this podcast, I believe that it has provided that and I certainly hope to and plan to continue that. That same vein, always throughout this podcast and throughout everything that I do. Because I think that it’s a really important part of holding space for people and giving people a safe space to land. And that’s why I speak so openly about certain topics because even though I think it’s really important to have boundaries, and I will always keep a significant portion of my life hidden behind closed doors because I think that we all need to have those boundaries in place and not share everything publicly. The things that I do share, I always make a point of being extremely open about because I think that too often we put people up on a pedestal, and we think, Oh, you know, her perfect life or his perfect body or this without the perfect relationship, whatever that is. I want to always pull back the curtain on that to show you that even those things that might aesthetically from the outside looking in, seem like everything’s fine and dandy, that there’s always shit beneath the surface, always shit beneath the surface, it doesn’t mean that you know, so and so doesn’t have a great relationship. It just means that they have to work really hard in their relationship to make it great because of all the other stuff that goes on. This is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t mean that some of the things that are showing up online aren’t what they seem. It’s just that sometimes we’re often not getting the full picture. And that’s the portion that I really want to shed light on. That’s also partly why Sarah and I are launching this What the Fuck is Happening podcast, because there’s just too many smoke and mirrors in the online space. And I don’t think that there’s ever been a better time to pull a lot of that back. And I think that that’s going to help all of us to continue to show up as better and better versions of ourselves and to not fall into the comparison trap so much because we all know that that’s a very dangerous little game to play.

Okay, number nine, reach. Uh, I know I’ve mentioned this whole worldwide and global aspect a few times, but seriously, this podcast is listened to in more than I think, I’ve lost count more than, 80 or 85 countries. That’s not how I ever expected things to go again, this is an expectation thing, I guess because I just never I never thought that that was even a possibility. I never even considered that as a possibility. And now that it’s happened, it still astonishes me, sometimes that I’ve been listened to all over the world. And that ties in with the whole community aspect and the ability to teach others like all of this, which also ties into number 10. I feel like this is not going to surprise anyone. One of the biggest gifts that podcasting has given me has been the ability to have an impact and the ability to have a positive impact, hopefully always positive impacts on people’s lives. And that even if just me speaking my truth out loud, does something to shift something in someone else, in a good way to change their mindset about something to make them feel more normal, to make them accept themselves more, to shift the way they see themselves, whatever that’s going to look like. or however they apply something that I teach or share on here. I always want to be able to come out with impact at the forefront of everything that I do. That’s why I’ve built my entire brand on that premise, that’s why I named my course Podcasting For Impact. Listen, anyone can start a fucking podcast but it’s about what you do with it, it’s about the reasoning behind it and it’s about how you show up in the world for the people who need to hear from you the most. Because when you choose to take your gifts, and not share them with the people who need to hear them, you’re doing them an incredible disservice. And you’re doing yourself a disservice at the same time. So if I can have any sort of impact at all, on helping people move through the fears that are holding them back, to help improve their confidence, to give them that extra little push to do something like this for themselves. I’m not special. I’m not special, guys. Anyone can do this. As long as you have the intent and that sense of purpose. There’s nothing about me that is innately, super different from anybody else. It’s just the fact that I have chosen to look fear in the face and move past it anyway. That’s it. That’s the only reason why I have podcasts. You think I wasn’t scared shitless when I started this thing,

I was like, ‘oh, is anyone ever gonna listen to this?’ I don’t know, I have a lot to say. So I’m just gonna start talking. And if people show up great. If not, it’s fine. It makes no difference to me about continuing going, you know, if this podcast was only listened to in two countries,

as opposed to 85, I would still keep going. So that’s the perspective that I want you to approach things with as well that you have to have that inner sense of purpose, and to not be quite so deeply affected by things like numbers, because I promise you I would still be showing up every week. Even if this podcast did not have the kind of reach that it currently does and that I happen to be fortunate enough to have gained traction with this podcast. 

So a quick review here of the 10 gifts that podcasting has given me number one, it helped me find my voice both literal and metaphorical. Speak my truth. Number two, documenting a journey. Number three is relationships. Number four is a platform to elevate others. Number five is a sense of purpose. Number six, my entire business is built on the back of a guest. Number seven is teaching others. Number eight, holding space and building community. Number nine is reach and number 10 is impact. 

So I hope that if you’re on the fence about starting a podcast, and this is not the right choice for everyone, I’m the first one to say that, but if you were on the fence about starting a podcast, reach out to me. Send me dm, all right? @Emilygoughcoach. Email me at info@emilygoughcoaching.com you can jump over to Room to Grow podcast, check out all the show notes there but things will be hyperlinked in the show notes and stuff as well if you want send me a DM, let’s chat about it. Because I don’t recommend a podcast for everyone. But if you are unsure or if you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to me. I’m extremely accessible, I promise you. Please don’t put me up on some pedestal. Okay. I am more than happy to talk to any human and I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear what your business is about, what your idea is about. You don’t necessarily have to have a business, and I would love to help you to figure out if this would even be a good choice for you. So let me know and send me a message. Don’t forget I’m also live over at Emily Gough Coaching on Facebook and over on Instagram @emilygoughcoach every single morning at 8am. Eastern. That might be a lie, I’m sorry, six days a week because I’m taking Saturday’s off! I needed one day a week where I could just sleep in without an alarm. Even though I often usually still get up at the same time anyway, I just needed that day to not have an alarm. So I’m sorry 6 days a week, everyday but Saturday, I’m live at 8pm Eastern, and talking about online business, podcasting, entrepreneurship, mental health, we cover something different every single day. These lives are all about connection. I always draw a card from the We’re Not Really Strangers Deck, I give you my answer to the question on it, we talk about it, you can then take that question and use it with your friends, your loved ones in quarantine. And these lives are really about building that connection with each other and maintaining that connection and building community.Okay, so jump over there to join me live.

If you want more information on my course, you can jump over to www.podcastingforimpact.com, and don’t forget, I’ve got a resource listed in the show notes all about the pitching and publicity and how to land more media opportunities. Because this is huge you guys and this guide is robust. I’m giving you the exact guide I give my actual students and I actually hesitate. It was one of those, those freebies like the free content where I actually had a moment of, am I giving away too much? And I thought no, I’m doing it anyway. So you are getting the gift of this 10 page guide, complete with templates that I’ve created and that I use myself to create success in my own business, so go check that out. Yeah, all the things over there. And the What the Fuck is Happening podcast is dropping Next Wednesday, April 29. Again, if you’re listening to this in real time, it’s only a few days away so mark your calendars! I’m very excited about this and Room to Grow podcast is going to continue going strong for Episode 201 through Who knows 1000?! That’ll be a cool episode, Episode 1000 I’m gonna be pretty pumped. We’re gonna throw a pretty, pretty significant party 1000

All right, guys, thank you so much for listening, and we’ll be back Tuesday!


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