Building a Community of Better & More Present Fathers with Kelly Gardner


February 28, 2023

Kelly Gardner is on a mission to lead dads towards the next great evolution in fatherhood. He is the Founder of “New Dad Network” – group programs and events specifically for men to work through the challenges of being a “dad” and toward embodying holistic, masculine leadership – his definition of “fatherhood.” The goal is to give a safe space for men to share, relieve burdens of shame and become more present internally and outwardly in the lives of their children.

Kelly is a facilitator of creativity with a diverse background in art, education, social action and media production. He has dedicated most of his life to discovering where the intersection of communication and personal development creates positive impacts in communities and the lives of individuals. Kelly has received awards and recognition for his work as the Artistic Director of City at Peace Los Angeles as well as his educational programming in Washington DC for organizations including the Smithsonian Institute and Library of Congress.

Kelly served as a member of the filmmaking faculty at the New York Film Academy from 2007 to 2019 holding positions as the Director of Community Outreach, Chair of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and Dean of Students as well as lecturing on the topics of compassionate communication and the art of teaching. After 15 yrs of fatherhood and 25yrs guiding and creating spaces for social and emotional learning, Kelly is all in on leading dads towards the next great evolution in fatherhood.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • How Kelly used performing arts and storytelling as a personal development tool
  • The difference between purpose and mission
  • Men’s groups and safe spaces
  • Kelly’s “500 Year Plan”
  • Why we’re all “adolescents” pretending to be adults
  • The “Absent Father Epidemic” and staggering number of fatherless homes
  • Why our education system is broken
  • The role of parents, specifically fathers
  • Masculine energy & energetic balance

When asked how many people one has in their lives to reach out to when they need help, the vast majority of men answer with a single heartbreaking response: “no one.” Please listen and let me know how this episode and the subject of “fatherhood” lands with you. Email me od DM me @emilygoughcoach


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