Changing Your Mind is a Strength: Permission Granted

March 18, 2021

Changing your mind is a strength.

And yet, so many of us go to war with ourselves internally, debating all the possible potential outcomes endlessly and ask everyone around us including the kitchen sink for an opinion before we’ll make up our minds.

We create these huge stories in our heads, allow fear and anxiety to take over, play out every possible outcome…not even realizing that in a lot of cases, we’re building something up that will barely be a blip on our radar in the long term.

In my experience, there’s usually 2 main reasons why we fear changing our minds:

  1. We’re worried what others will think of us
  2. We’re worried what we’ll think of ourselves

Especially if the decision we make leads to so-called failure (though I would argue that’s all in perspective)

Maybe you worked your ass off to get a job you realize you hate.

Maybe you launched a new business idea and it flopped.

Maybe you got into a relationship and it’s not the smooth sailing you were hoping for.

I believe it was Gary Vee I heard say: “new data, new decisions.

Sometimes life is going to hand us a shit storm we didn’t ask for. Things will come crashing down around us, or require some sort of unexpected pivot we weren’t planning on or even remotely prepared for.

Other times, it might be something really minor that simply requires a slight adjustment or an uncomfortable conversation (see previous post for more on that)

But that’s ok. It’s new data. And you get to make a new decision based on that information.

The only thing worse than making the “wrong” decision is to allow your fear to eat you alive and keep you from ever making a decision at all.

Let’s dive in!

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