Choosing Your Family & Establishing Healthy Boundaries

This topic is going to be a touchy one, but I’ve never been one to shy away from hard conversations, so here we go.

I almost didn’t release this episode.  

It’s not my usual format or style of podcast, and I don’t pretend to have the answers on this.  Instead, my goal is to open the door to a conversation around family, what that looks like for each of us, and when it might be the best choice for you to limit contact with family members, along with making the decision to invite other incredible human into your family that aren’t blood (or adopted) relatives.

This is a messy conversation, I share some of my personal experiences along with what I’ve seen others close to me struggle with, and when I thought about choosing not to release it, I realized that would go against what I teach all of the women I work with as they are launching podcasts: even if it’s not perfect, release it anyway.  Someone needs to hear this message, take some tidbit of insight or even just know that it’s ok to feel a certain way without judgement.

You’re not alone, and this is a tough conversation to have.  Ready?  Let’s do this.



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