Dealing with Anxiety: Growing Through Taking Action

We’re talking anxiety today.

I’ve learned a lot about anxiety in the past few years.  First via a family member who has gone through periods of crippling anxiety, then coming to the realization that I have tendencies to be extremely anxious myself.

Through a lot of my own research, trying different tactics, going to counselling and pulling myself out of some darker periods, particularly in the past month or so, I’ve figured out some of the best ways that I deal with my own anxiety, and am hoping that some of the areas discussed today will help you as well.

Ultimately, my goal is to open up a conversation about anxiety and mental health.

Because, here’s the thing: paralyzing fear and doubt are at the root of anxiety.  And no one deserves to live stuck in that.

I’m opening up and being brutally honest about how anxiety has affected my life, why I choose not to wrap my identity up in it, and giving you concrete, tangible action steps to both prevent anxiety from coming on, and how to pull yourself from it when it hits.


Want to talk more?  The Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group is a judgement-free safe space to open up, and I’d love to welcome you in with the other amazing women in the group.  It’s a great place to go for a little extra support, and I’m going to be talking about anxiety and mental health more often in there.  See you over there!


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