Finding Your Why & Showing Up Authentically with Amie Tollefsrud of Rebelle Nutrition

Today’s guest is going to light a fire under you to get moving with creating a business you love and taking action on all of the things you’ve been putting off.

I’m so excited to have Amie Tollefsrud of Rebelle Nutrition on the Room to Grow podcast today!  Amie is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner turned online business coach who is traveling the world full time with her photographer husband, Erik. She helps other nutritionists and wellness professionals create location-independent businesses so that they can work from wherever and generate the type of income they desire.

Amie and I have been working for months to find a time to fit in recording this podcast, and let me tell you, it was totally worth it!

We talk about everything from the tiny houses in Maui and Colorado that Amie and her husband have lived in after adopting a minimalist lifestyle to get out of debt, to money mindset and manifestation.  It was a very short time ago that Amie’s business was a side hustle while working a serving job, and what she has built has allowed her to not only travel the world full time, but to “retire” her husband from his job so that they can focus on her growing biz.

One part of this podcast I loved in particular was breaking old habits and getting really clear on your WHY, because that’s what’s going to motivate you on the tough days and help you focus when it can feel overwhelming.

Amie is all about showing up authentically and unapologetically as herself, and that shows throughout our discussion.

Some other things that we cover:

  • Staying healthy while travelling and how being stuck in a routine might be to too restrictive for some people, especially if you have gone down the road of disordered eating in the past
  • Moving from a paleo style of eating to more plant based, and why she was hesitant to tell her followers
  • How to listen to your body and red flags like losing your menstrual cycle
  • What to share on social media and what should stay private
  • Advice for anyone looking to start their online business when just starting out

Can’t wait for you to hear this one! It’s stacked with nuggets you’ll be able to apply in your everyday life, whether you’re looking to improve your nutrition and health, your mindset around money and perfectionism, or where to begin when starting an online business.  


Where to find Amie:

Amie’s Courses:

Instagram: @rebellenutrition

YouTube: Rebelle Nutrition

Tiny “Hut” in Maui tour

Tiny House in Maui and Colorado tours

Happy Cow app to find healthy food while travelling

Amie’s Money Mindset Recommendations: 

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Denise Duffield Thomas @denisedt


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