Food as Medicine and Nutrition Education with Emily Edward

July 11, 2018

I have SUCH a special guest on today’s show!

Emily Edward is a student at Ryerson University (in Toronto) working towards becoming a dietician.  She’s incredibly passionate about helping people, and is a firm believer in the idea that “food is medicine,”  and her main goal is to help people understand food and nutrition a bit better one day as a Registered Dietician.

Emily and I have a long personal friendship and regularly chat about nutrition, and it was years ago sitting in my kitchen drinking sangria that she mentioned she had decided to eventually go the route of dietician and I had a lightbulb moment, realizing that nutrition was the route I wanted to take as well, just on a different path.

She and I covered a lot of ground in this episode, and Em even walks us through the process of becoming a dietician (in Canada – the U.S. may be slightly different) and explains the usage of the food guide in practice.

One of the many things Emily and I have in common is that we’re passionate about creating change in an industry overrun with information and cutting through the bullshit to get to the parts that really matter.

Unfortunately much of our health care system right now is dedicated more towards taking care of those who are already ill or currently undergoing a health issue, as opposed to placing a focus on maintaining a long, healthy life proactively.  This can mean thinking that it’s especially crucial for all of us to think critically for ourselves about our health, because no one knows your own body as well as you do.

I love getting Em’s perspective on the nutrition industry, because she has a different educational background than I do and we’re able to openly discuss different ways of viewing food and how to help people eat in a way that makes them feel amazing inside and out.

Not only that, but we both have a dream of helping to establish strong roots of education about nutrition and change the way it’s taught in schools to provide a strong foundation for young people to build their lives around for long term health and quality of life.

We also talk about Em’s long history is eczema and how she came to realize that it was closely related to how she was eating, why her degree in gerontology is going to be so important in the next next few years as the older generation hits their elder years in numbers like we’ve never seen before, and address some of the ongoing controversy between dieticians and nutritionists.

I can’t wait for you check this out, and you’re going to love this girl as much as I do!


Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Ryerson University

Life Course Theory

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