Manifesting Your Life in Vibrant Colours with Hollie Petrus of Brekkie Bowls Maui

June 26, 2018

One of Hollie Petrus’s mottos is “see me less, doing more,” and this could not sum up this incredible woman any more perfectly.

Hollie is the creator, owner and operator of Brekkie Bowls Maui, a health food truck on the island of Maui in Hawaii specializing in Acai bowls.  She made her way to Maui almost six years ago after growing up in upstate New York, and worked a variety of jobs that didn’t quite fit with her vision before manifesting and working hard to build her Brekkie Bowls business.

I met Hollie last year while we were in Hawaii on vacation and she was such a bright light that she stuck with me all this time, and I knew I absolute had to have her on the podcast to share her incredible story.

This is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who has a dream about what you want your future to look like.  Hollie’s story is one of hard work, perseverance, consistency and showing up every single day to make it happen, and I walked away from this interview with even more respect for Hollie and everything that she’s accomplished.

Some common themes:

  • “Painting a picture of your life in vibrant colours”
  • Manifesting growth and the kinds of guests that visit the food truck
  • Spreading awareness around a healthy lifestyle
  • Stepping into discomfort and getting very comfortable there, even when you don’t know what’s next
  • Self care, unplugging and spending time in nature to stay grounded
  • Entrepreneurship and managing energy as an empath and an introvert
  • The hard work that goes into building a thriving business that no one sees from the outside
  • Maintaining your energy, ebbing and flowing, and listening to your body
  • Absolute gratitude for her business, life and building a brand that is rapidly becoming known globally

Hollie also shares some pretty major news about what’s next for Brekkie Bowls and her plans for the future.

This powerful interview is worth the listen, and the trip to Maui is worth it for her delicious bowls!

Photo I took last year of Hollie’s delicious açai bowls!

Find Hollie @ Brekkie Bowls:

Facebook: Brekkie Bowls Maui

Instagram: @brekkiebowlsmaui

Twitter: @brekkiebowls


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