Men’s Mental Health in the Workplace with Scott Baker [of Baker Group AU]

November 10, 2020

Caring for the mental health of employees, managing COVID as an entrepreneur and creating a positive culture in the workplace.

September is Mental Health Awareness month, and today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

As the biggest overall focus of the Room to Grow Podcast is mental health, I always try to put extra attention on these issues around this time, and today I brought on a dear friend of mine to talk about men’s mental health in the workplace.

Scott Baker, Managing director of Baker Group AU. Baker Group AU provides repairs and maintenance for air quality systems and catering equipment throughout Australia. Lover of business, travel, fiancee Aylin and advocating for mental health. Disliker of influencers and cider.

Scott is basically one of my male biz besties. We have completely different businesses and WILDLY different business models, but the over-arching principles of business are the same and we share a lot of the main philosophies. 

So much respect for this guy and what he’s managed to build, especially at such a young age. Most importantly, I have a deep appreciation for the support that he provides to his all-male employees, particularly when it comes to mental health and creating strong bonds within his team

This is especially relevant given that Scott’s industry in the trades is typically very “bro” culture. I have a long history of significant men in my life who were/are in the trades, and through them, I’m extremely familiar with the kinds of environments created on job sites and within those companies.

Those types of workplaces are usually not exactly where one would feel comfortable discussing their feelings in virtually any capacity, which makes it even more important that Scott has managed to cultivate something very different and open with his all-male team by making mental health an important part of the conversation.

Scott and I are covering a variety of topics related to mental health, entrepreneurship and caring for employees in the workplace on this episode, including:

  • Supporting your employees, especially in a male-dominated industry not known for being friendly towards mental health
  • Men’s mental health
  • What keeps Scott grounded in entrepreneurship
  • Why the 40 hour work week is a sham, and efficiency is key
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Suicide rates and supporting employees mental health in crisis
  • Donating to causes important to employees



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CAMH: The Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (Canada)

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