Sorry, But Stop Apologizing

March 21, 2019

There’s a running joke that Canadians are always saying “sorry” and while there can be *some* truth to that stereotype, this runs much deeper across all countries and nationalities, especially amongst women.

The research backs this up: women are more likely to apologize than men.  There’s some belief that this could be because women are much more socially attuned to what types of behaviours constitute an apology, whereas men seem to have a higher threshold for what would be deserving of an apology.

Either way, we’re saying sorry a lot more than we likely need to be, and in this episode I’m unpacking some of the problems with this, why we often end up apologizing so often, and what it can mean to our relationships with others, either with loved ones or at work.

One exercise I’m encouraging you to try is to flip the script: would YOU expect an apology for everything that you apologize for?

For example, you go to friends’ house and they immediately apologize for the mess, often when you don’t even see what mess they’re talking about.  There’s no need to apologize, even if the house looks like a train wreck.

We’re all messy and human and imperfect and we shouldn’t be apologizing for showing up exactly as we are.

There is always a time and place for true, meaningful, genuine apologies.  Always.  We all make mistakes, and often apologies are the start of rebuilding relationships or admitting a mistake that we made, learning and growing into better versions of ourselves.

The problem is that when we over-apologize for less important, meaningless “fluff” occurrences or as a habit or reflex, we’re taking away the authenticity behind an authentic apology when there has been a true wrongdoing.  

Learning to quit saying sorry quite so often is a practice, and I’ve got some tips for you that I’ve used in my own life.

How to stop apologizing so much:

  1. PAUSE.
    • This is easier in situations where you don’t have to respond immediately, like email or text, and tougher in person.
    • There’s POWER in the pause
  2. Say thank-you instead
    • Shows gratitude and appreciation, which is much more positive for both parties
  3. Get comfortable with & embrace your imperfections
    • ie. the messy house, the crazy unwashed hair, rushing to catch the elevator before the door closes, being in sweats, spilling coffee on your shirt on the way to work
  4. Know exactly what you’re apologizing for and mean it
    • Don’t take on what isn’t yours.  If there’s something that truly warrants an apology, by all means do it but don’t apologize for the role that others might play in a situation.
  5. Pay attention
    • When you catch yourself apologizing, take mental note/observation
    • Did the situation warrant an apology? Why did you apologize?
    • Is it because of particular people you were around?  Were you especially nervous or stressed?


Tune in to catch the full episode and all the details on apologies (plus lots of real life examples).



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