Tantra, Polarity, Pleasure & the Strong Independent Woman with Sophie Josephina

I’m particularly excited about this episode, because I have the pleasure of introducing you to this incredible woman!

Sophie Josephina is a sex & relating coach and masculine/feminine expert. As an ex data scientist, she knows how to walk both worlds, walking the bridge between tantra and neuroscience, the masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light. She leads deeply potent programs for both men and women. 

Sophie brings a uniquely beautiful, calming presence to this work, and the intersection of some of her skills and talents position her to teach in a way that’s different from anyone else I’ve found in this space.

We’re diving DEEP (and still felt as though we were only scratching the surface, which is why we want to record a part 2!) talking about:

  • Tantra: exploring what it means, how to bring it into your everyday life as well as your sex life
  • Masculine/Feminine polarities
  • The strong independent woman: creating a balance of independence while also being open to receiving
  • Why some of us can insist that no one can meet you where you’re at and then wondering why you’re not having the experience you want in relationships
  • Maturing emotionally and regulating your own emotions rather than expecting your partner to be where you take everything
  • Why PLEASURE is so important

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