The Anti-Resolution Way to Accomplish Goals That Don’t Suck

January 15, 2019

Originally this episode was going to air on January 1st, and then I decided to hold off and record / air it later in the month,  because some of you may already be feeling like 2019 isn’t going the way you wanted it to.   This episode is going to give you what you need to get back on track no matter what your goals, and I’m sharing a very personal note about what’s on my heart for the upcoming year.

REMEMBER: January 1st is simply a date on the calendar like any other day.  You can make TODAY that day for you. Tomorrow. Next week. Whenever you want, you get to decide.  

Super small, simple ways to make big shifts in your life:

  • C E L E B R A T E.  Doesn’t matter how big or minuscule it might be, there is always something to celebrate and those small joys will shift your perspective and make the journey a happier one!
  • Writing down your goals in the present tense and taking care to use language that is rooted in positive energy, rather than words with negative connotations attached.  For example, which sounds better to you: “I will have no debt on my credit cards by March 1st” OR, “I will have zero balance on my credit cards by March 1st.”  To me, using the phrase zero balance rather than placing focus on the word debt at all has a much more positive feel and energy to it.
  • Recognize that we are so quick to rationalize quitting. It’s the way our brains work, coming up with the perfect excuse, so recognizing that in advance is helpful so you can see it when it happens.  And I promise you, it will happen.
  • WHY is that goal important to you? Zero in on why it’s such a big deal and what that would change for you or make better in your life.
  • Start somewhere.  Anywhere. Even if it’s as simple as a change of scenery or going for a 20 minute walk.  Small shifts change lives.

And if there are people in your life who aren’t supportive of your dreams, who tell you that you’re crazy and that it can’t be done, or who tell others that there’s no way you can achieve that big scary goal of yours?  Girl, use that to light a fire under you.

The gift of doubt is an advantage like no other and can offer the deepest kind of motivation even on your darkest days.  

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