The Fullness of Love, Life & the Present Moment with Sylvester McNutt III

This is an incredibly special episode with an extraordinary guest.

I’m thrilled to have Sylvester McNutt III joining me today, and just some of the things I appreciate most about Sylvester is his genuine care, honesty, vulnerability, and how introspective he is.

Getting to have a conversation with Sylvester, learning from what he teaches or reading his books is like a breath of fresh air, and today’s conversation was no exception.

I also wanted to shake things up today and do something a little different for this episode, and we ended up playing a few cards from the We’re Not Really Strangers deck of cards which was extra fun!

Sylvester is a best-selling author of 8 books, speaker and father. His current mission is to invite people into their healing, into their boundaries, into a higher vibration.

Just a taste of some of the topics we covered include:

-The power of introspection

-Honouring your most important relationships and the people you care about most

-The fullness of love and life and allowing it to be expansive, and not necessarily attaching the idea of love to a person, but to the feeling itself

-Living in the present moment

-Sharing with us around self love and how new ways to bring compassion to yourself

-Unpacking his subconscious relationship to money and the often negative mindset and associations we can hold around it

-How to receive & accept compliments and why it’s SO important – not just for you but also for the person gifting you with the compliment

-Looking at the lies we tell ourselves and being radically honest with ourselves and those around us.

-The importance of community and a support system

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