12 Pillars of Self Care with Brittany Lillegard of Wild Woman Strong

July 19, 2018

Self care is becoming a bit of a buzz word lately, and the first thing we tend to think of when we hear about it is massages and bubble baths.  Some of us don’t like baths, and both of those activities are costly in either time, money or both.  It’s not something that the average person has time for on a daily basis.

That’s why I was so excited when I hopped on the phone with my fellow #girlboss friend Brittany of Wild Woman Strong a couple of months ago when she started telling me about her latest and greatest idea.  She had come up with 12 Pillars of Self Care, and they break down self care in a way that makes you realize how simple it can be to add in regularly.

Not only is Brittany my own go-to person when it comes to self care, she’s always coming up with new and manageable ways for women to fit a little self-care love into everyday life, and her 12 Pillars say it all.

Brittany makes self care inclusive and available to anyone, with any budget and any amount of time (or lack thereof) on their hands, and honestly?  This list makes self-care seem much less abstract and out of reach.

The way she has categorized self-care is a remarkable example of what happens with a little attention is paid to the small details in our lives that we might be overlooking, and how we can make self-care an everyday occurrence for maximum benefit, rather than a special indulgence when we’re lucky.

According to Brittany, here are the 12 Pillars of a balanced self-care routine: 


Practicing Presence
Practicing Gratitude + Kindness
Practicing Discomfort




Sleep + Rest
Nourishment + Hydrat


Mother Nature

Brittany also shares with us some of her personal story and how self care become so crucial in her own life, including a serious bout of depression.  For the full story, check out this podcast interview on my former podcast Fit & Nourished Mind with my co-host Kate.  We interviewed Brittany in episode #21 and it remained our most downloaded interview ever!

This girl is a nomadic strength coach and yoga teacher originally from Chicago, IL now living in the Netherlands, and  she created Wild Woman Strong to encourage women on how to build effective self-care routines so they can feel strong and empowered to tackle any adventure they choose.

I’m going to be part of Brittany’s brand new Self-Care Mentorship program listed below, and will be sharing my full experience afterwards.  If you want to join me in self-care adventures, check out the program!

All the info to follow Brittany and her adventures in travel and self-care can be found below. 

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All info on the 12 Pillars of Self Care

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Facebook @ Wild Woman Strong

Facebook Group: WWS Self Care Sisterhood

Fit & Nourished Mind podcast interview with Brittany: Self Care, Depression and Digital Detox

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