6 Ways to Manage Self-Sabotage and Distractions

March 28, 2019

Are you tired of feeling like your own worst enemy?

Whether it’s those big dreams or just getting yourself to the gym, we’re masters at sabotaging ourselves as soon as any bit of resistance comes up. I’ve found myself at these crossroads multiple times, and have begun to ask myself this question when I can feel the resistance happening and my pull to self-sabotage what I’m trying to accomplish:

How will I feel when I crawl into bed tonight about what I did or did not accomplish?  

One example was when I went to the gym the other day and left the house to head for a workout full of motivation.  By the time I got there, I began sabotaging myself and trying to justify why I should remain in my car in the parking lot, distracting myself on my phone instead and thinking of all the other things I could be doing instead of a workout.  I felt great, had tons of energy, and liked the “idea” of working out, but could feel myself being pulled rapidly the other direction.

Instead of leaving before I ever even went into the gym, I decided to create some accountability for myself by texting a friend I knew would ask later if I ended up going in, and thought about how I would feel after a great sweat.  Within 5 minutes, I went into the gym, had a great workout and felt about 100000X better afterwards.

Self sabotage and distractions can make an appearance in some pretty sneaky ways, and I’m telling you what to look for  and sharing SIX specific tools that you can use every time you start to feel the pull of resistance.  



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There is a NEW weekly challenge in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group  every single Monday.  Something small but meaningful, and things that can give you huge rewards for minimum effort and output.

This week’s challenge is to get to bed a half hour earlier than usual.  It’s so easy to binge *just one more* show on Netflix, but climbing into bed will have you happy and refreshed in the morning like never before.

No one said it was going to be easy, but the payoff is so worth it.  Not only that, it will make you more aware of the habits you have around your phone, allow you to set the tone of your own day rather than having it dictated by others, and help you ease into your morning with a little less stress.

Join us in the group to check out the challenge and get some accountability, plus there are all kinds of new challenges coming up!



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