Changing Your Circumstances & Overcoming Rejection with Gilad Hanina of Awareness of Success

On the podcast today we’re talking to a friend and client of mine, Gilad Hanina.

Gilad is a young and inspiring entrepreneur from Israel, founder of AOS Media and the Awareness of Success Podcast, and was able to change his circumstances and build his own business online while serving in the army without any prior knowledge or experience (or even proper English!)

Gilad believes that anyone can create change for themselves if they take action and follow specific patterns that are proven to create success.

We’re diving into a few different areas, including:

  • How some tough family dynamics influenced Gilad and helped to propel him towards entrepreneurship, even when he didn’t know anything about building up a company and didn’t even speak English when he started (despite now having an almost entirely English-speaking main client base)
  • The impact of a relationship ending and how it helped him shift direction in unexpected ways, along with exploring coping mechanisms and work/life balance
  • Why it’s so important to come up with your own unique definition of success, and being super clear on your core values
  • Managing a ton of rejection and continuing forward despite all the no’s

Gilad is incredibly hard-working, down to earth, and always looking to help anyone that he can.

Ready? Let’s do this.


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