Choosing Relentless Courage, Facing Death & Challenging Societal Norms with Traver Boehm of Man UNcivilized, Part 2

July 1, 2021

Today’s guest is so special and rapidly becoming one of my favourite humans.

We’re talking to Traver Boehm again today, originally featured for an epic conversation back on episode 266 – a personal favourite and one of the most powerful episodes on the entire Room To Grow™ Podcast.

Never have I received an outpouring of so much incredible feedback about a guest episode, and ever since we mentioned back on episode 266 that we would record a second one, I’ve had DMs and text messages demanding to know when the new one was being released.

As you can tell by the title, this is another casual chat about some super light topics, ha!

This conversation will leave you better than before you started listening, if you allow it.

It will challenge you to think differently, to see the world through a different lens, and to question the way you show up.

It may or may not also be the first time a guest and I have BOTH cried on an episode, so you know it must be a good one. 

Traver Boehm is an author of two books, 2 time TEDx Speaker, men’s coach and founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, which is radically redefining the way men around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both primal elements of manhood with massive doses of consciousness.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguarding and Mixed Martial Arts to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver also teaches people to skillfully use the inevitable pain of their lives as fuel for growth and positive change.

In 2016 after losing a pregnancy, his marriage, and his business partnership all within weeks of each other, he created a radical social experiment and spent the next 12 months as if it were his last year to live, aptly naming it “The Year to Live Project.”

A few topics we cover today:

  • How to have conversations with people that can be highly triggering as you step onto your own path, and embark on your own journey that may likely go against the grain for many others around you 
  • The unique challenges that can come with those conversations, including the likelihood of losing a lot of relationships too
  • Why you have to keep showing up with courage every single day if you’re going to get to where you’re going, whatever that might look like for you AND to hang on to the little moments that will continue to propel you forward even when everything else might feel dark.
  • And so much more….

If you’re a human, this is not an episode to be missed.

Traver has a powerful mission around what it means to be a man, and this is a topic that affects all of us, no matter how you identify.

I urge you to check out Traver’s work. His fantastic podcast, both of his books, men’s group and the various exciting projects he’s always juggling at any given time are transformative, and more people need to know about him.

Buckle up, tune in, and then go connect with Traver.


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