Coaching Call: Break Down Your Walls and Finally Let Them In

January 18, 2024

Something new on the Room To Grow™ podcast for 2024: allowing you into some of my real life, unedited coaching calls with clients. We all share the same challenges and questions in our relationships, and my hope is that by inviting you into these incredible sessions, you’ll find answers and inspiration to integrate into your own situation.

It’s also a taste of the incredible successes we can have together, so please reach out if this is the kind of work you’re finally ready to say F**K YES to (contacts below).

This coaching call features Kelly, who, after breaking up with her partner, realized he was in fact the one, she just had too many self-protections activated from past relationship trauma. This is often what happens when our walls keep real love stranded on the outside, never allowed to penetrate. If you’re having trouble breaking down your own walls to allow love in, this session is definitely for you. (A huge thank you to Kelly for openly sharing and inspiring others with this breakthrough).  

In this coaching call, Kelly and I discuss:

  • Challenging the label of a “relationship”
  • Codependency in a marriage vs healthy relationship
  • Establishing and managing expectations in a relationship
  • Why commitment doesn’t have to feel like shackles
  • Knocking down emotional walls allowing love to enter
  • Feeling safe letting someone into a relationship with you
  • Learning to trust yourself
  • How to overcome fear of communicating openly with your partner
  • The difference between selfish vs. self-preserving
  • How healthy relationships force us to come out of hiding
  • Exercise: listing the fears you have in this relationship and coaching yourself through each

If you’d like to address a current challenge on the podcast, you can apply to be featured here. You can also apply for couples coaching on the podcast here. Or check the details below on the different ways we can work together. And as always, please reach out anytime with your takeaways or topic ideas for the podcast – I’d love to chat!


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