Eight Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

The inspiration for this episode comes from Amy Porterfield of the brilliant Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast and an episode she shared last year that really stuck with me.

The thing is, my goal is always to have you walk away with valuable insights from tuning in or showing up somewhere on my platform to learn.  And while this type of episode feels super self-indulgent, I’ve gotten some questions around some of the things I’m sharing today and want to give you a peek behind the scenes and some of the things I’m managing in my own life, trying to navigate, and even a couple things I don’t particularly love about myself but am doing my best to figure out.

I never want you to feel as though I’m  over here making it happen without stumbling along the way, so perhaps some of the things I’m sharing with you today will make you feel a little less alone if you’re dealing with something similar.  

We’re talking everything from dating and loneliness, to procrastination and criticism, and I definitely feel out of my comfort zone putting this out there.  Seems to be the running theme lately 🙈😂

And make sure to stay tuned for Thursday’s episode, because I’m bringing on my own relationship/personal development coach!



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