Failure is Feedback in Disguise

Failure can be a redirection, an opportunity to believe in what else might be possible, a chance to re-write your story – and nothing builds resilience faster.

Most of us will do nearly anything to avoid failure, and instead choose to stay comfortable until the pain of remaining the same becomes too much to bear.

But we can also fail because we don’t believe what’s possible for us (partly why representation, diversity and inclusion are SO crucial)

We can try to emulate someone else in the hopes that we’ll avoid failure by learning from the mistakes of another – which is beautiful, until it means you avoid leaning into your own individual strengths because you’re too busy trying to become someone else.

Maybe sometimes we have difficulty even believing that we deserve what we’re going after, which can spell failure as well.

And here’s the thing: failure can leave us feeling as though we have no options at all and doesn’t always feel like much of a redirection in the moment.

But we always have choices.

We might not like the choices in fronts of us, but there are always different choices we can decide to make for ourselves.

“The word failure is imperfect. Once we begin to transform it, it ceases to be that any longer. The term is always slipping off the edges of our vision, not simply because it’s hard to see without wincing, but because once we are ready to talk about it, we often call the event something else – a learning experience, a trial, a reinvention – no longer the static concept of failure.”

-Dr. Sarah Lewis


Dare to Lead Podcast with Brene Brown & Dr. Sarah Lewis: The Rise, the Creative Process & the Difference Between Mastery & Success

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