Forgive Yourself for Shrinking Into Spaces That Do Not Fit You

I forgive myself for shrinking to fit into boxes that do not belong to me

-Alex Elle

Have you ever had the experience of noticing when you’re shrinking yourself, your personality and your essence down?

I was recently around someone where I could feel myself shrinking to fit into their life, and immediately my body started throwing up alarm bells. I didn’t WANT to feel that way, but I’ve also learned to trust my body. 

It doesn’t mean that anyone who makes you feel that way is a bad person, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

And it also doesn’t necessarily mean that the connection should end

It’s simply one of many signals, and it’s something to pay attention to.

Think of it this way: it might be less about the other person and more about how YOU are showing up and why.

Are you fearful to let someone fully in, and therefore protecting yourself by shrinking down because you don’t know if they can handle the true version of yourself?

Are you trying to manage the perceived outcome of a relationship by trying to force a connection? Or by showing up as who you believe they want you to be?

Let’s turn it around: what if they liked the true version of you WAY more than the watered-down version you’re presenting? 

Lots to explore here! Let’s dive in 😉


Episode #126, Forgiveness Isn’t Found, It’s Earned: Doing the Inner Work

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