Grieving the Death of a Loved One & Friendship Breakups with Jess Pinili

I’m excited to introduce you to today’s guest!

Jess Pinili is a Female Empowerment Coach, host of The Jessica Pinili Podcast and Founder of Woman Up Monthly Membership. She shows women all over the globe how to reconnect back to who they are and who they desire to become through a combination of soul & science.

In this raw and candid conversation, Jess opens up like never before about the heartbreaking pain of her mom passing away, how that changed her in life-changing ways and how she dealt with the grief that has followed, including when she tried to side-step it for several years.

She’s sharing with us the way that kind of grief can alter family dynamics, and we’re also talking about friendship breakups, which is something that we aren’t really taught how to navigate and the distress that it can cause when you out-grow a relationship with a friend.


Listen to Part 1 of this conversation where Jess interviewed me all about relationships, betrayal, and dating.

We covered:

  • Why I don’t actually believe that cheating is necessarily a reason to end a relationship.
  • Can you be healed before getting into another relationship?
  • How long should you wait before getting into another relationship? 
  • Not having a 5 year plan
  • Biggest lessons pulled from some of my relationship experiences and how to use them to move forward



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