Intuitive Eating: Why It Hasn’t Worked for You Yet & Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle

September 18, 2018

If you’re tired of having a constant tug of war with yourself over food, you’ve started a new diet every Monday since you-can’t-remember-when, and want to learn how to eat the damn chocolate without all the worry, stress and regret. I’ve got something extra special for you.

I’m hosting a FREE masterclass on Thursday, September 20th 2018 @ 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT.

We can get pretty stuck in our ways, especially when it comes to food.  When this happens it’s tough to figure out how to change the way we eat, and how to find our way out of the cycle of starting a new diet every Monday morning only to find ourselves with zero willpower around that bag of chips by the following weekend.

I’m going to be sharing my BRAND NEW 3 life-changing secrets to Conquer Your Stress, Willpower, and the All-or-Nothing Mindset to Quit Dieting Forever, and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED to jump into this with you!

There have been a lot of requests for a deep dive into this topic, because so many women come to me struggling with cravings, beating themselves up for feeling guilty about what they eat, tired of being super restrictive and not trusting themselves around food.

If this is you, you’re not going to want to miss this masterclass.  Plus, I’ll be answering ALL questions live!


I don’t actually use the term intuitive eating in practice for the most part, because I think the term itself can feel discouraging.

It implies that you should already have all the knowledge you need to learn how to eat well for your body.  And while this is technically true for some, for anyone starting on their journey with food or trying to figure out what to change, overwhelm from the term itself is not the place to start.

However, once you can get to a place where you’ve truly built the foundation of learning what works for your unique body, the concept of intuitive eating might be a good fit for you.

In this workshop-style episode of the Room to Grow Podcast, I break down what intuitive eating means, the main principles it stands for, and how to start introducing it in your own life.

Plus, we’re going over 7 super specific ways to learn to actually listen to your body, which will help you figure out how to ditch the diets, quit the all-or-nothing mindset around food, and truly love how you eat.


Don’t forget about the FREE live masterclass for my 3 life changing secrets to conquering the all-or-nothing mindset around food on Thursday, September 20th!  Grab your spot here.

Want to talk more?  The Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group is a judgement-free safe space to open up, and I’d love to welcome you in with the other amazing women in the group.  It’s a great place to go for a little extra support, and I’m going to be talking about anxiety and mental health more often in there.  See you over there!

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