Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes and Maple Glaze

February 23, 2017

Sharing a delicious recipe below that is a favourite around here!

I eat basically the same way, every single day of the week. Even while on vacation or during holidays, I stick pretty close to my usual types of foods with only slight variations. Usually my meals involve protein + all the veggies, and some healthy fats and carbs thrown in.

This doesnt mean I eat identical meals all day, errrry day. It simply means that I eat moderately, designing my diet to be built around foods that satisfy me and don’t leave me feeling like I need to gorge myself on treats when the opportunity does arise.

For example, on the weekend I made lemon poppyseed pancakes for brunch, topped with a “frosting” I had leftover in the freezer from Christmas (and a few little frozen raspberries for colour!) However, I didn’t make pancakes because it was the weekend. I’ve been known to make pancakes for dinner on weeknights before too, although no matter when I eat them, there’s always some veggies on the side.

This is part of what my personal definition of moderation means. I eat to feel good, and eating lots of vegetables makes me feel my absolute best. It’s not for everyone necessarily, but it’s how I love to eat and brings me joy to have veggies with a side of pancakes sometimes 😉

Here is the gluten and dairy free pancake recipe! Credit goes to PaleOMG’s recipe for the inspiration for these delicious nuggets of lemony joy. This is my spin on her recipe, I made a few minor tweaks to the original.

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes
Serves 3 – 4, or less depending on how high the stack

Recipe also calls for coconut milk (try my homemade coconut milk tutorial on FB)

Top with maple syrup, mashed berries (raspberries go especially well with the lemon!) OR this delicious dairy free glaze I found on Detoxinista as a special treat. For original recipe that includes awesome paleo cinnamon rolls that go with this frosting originally, check out her site here.


Enjoy!  I would love to hear how you like them, let me know how it goes over on my Facebook page or Instagram, or you can always send me an email.


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