Miscarriage, Van Life & Making Unconventional Choices with Claire Falconer & Luke Morris

I’m honoured to be able to bring you two incredible friends of mine – and this is also the first time I’m interviewing a couple on the Room to Grow™ Podcast!

I met Luke and Claire in Bali and we basically worked out and ate our way around Canggu – they’re my favourite people to third wheel with 😂

In all seriousness though, this is a very special conversation, and I’m very grateful to both Claire & Luke for being so open about their heartbreaking experience with two miscarriages, along with sharing some behind the scenes of their decisions to make international moves and renovate a van to start living in while travelling around Australia and live life outside the conventional standards and more on their own terms.

A little about these two:

Claire Falconer is a women’s health & nutrition coach, functional medicine practitioner, personal trainer and yoga teacher.

Luke Morris is the founder of Wild Wood, an eco-friendly company that creates sunglasses made from reclaimed wood and plants one tree for each product sold. 

Tune in and get to know these two amazing humans as they share their story.


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Wild Wood


Episode #144, [BIZ TIPS] How An Awkward Introvert Makes Friends Around the Globe

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