How Breaking Patterns & Healing Changes You

On today’s episode, we’re exploring what happens when we do the work to heal old hurts and change our behaviours.

Healing happens when we’re presented with a choice: take the more comfortable option of remaining the same, or sit with the uncomfortable truth that we can both do and be better. 

It’s going to force you to face parts of yourself that would be easier to avoid.

But the alternative is to instead repeat the same patterns and behaviours over and over again, to our own detriment, until we reach a point of no longer tolerating our own bullshit.

Sometimes, it requires a cataclysmic event in our lives to push us to the point of change. A health scare, a relationship ending, missing an opportunity because we didn’t step up the way we know we could be capable of.

And when we do this work, over time you begin to notice changes.

Parts of you will soften and become more forgiving, compassionate and tolerant, while other parts of you may harden and you’ll develop firmer boundaries and less tolerance for bullshit that go against your core values. We’re getting into all of it today!

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