People Pleasing is Dishonest: The Dangers of Being Agreeable

People pleasing is exhausting.

But more than that, it’s downright dishonest, and trying to be everything to everyone will leave you feeling drained and dissatisfied.

Not only that, how can anyone ever trust your word if you don’t give honest opinions and instead aim to be “easygoing” or simply go with the flow for the sake of maintaining the peace?

Being a people pleaser makes YOU unhappy.  It makes those around you unhappy. So who is it really benefiting?

We ALL want connection with others, true connection.  That’s impossible when we’re constantly lying about who we are and how we’re showing up in the world, and it also means that you’re never trusting anyone else enough to get to know the real you.

I’m more fired up about this topic than I’ve been in a while, and I cannot WAIT to hear what you think about this!


Room to Grow Podcast episode #78, Sorry, But Stop Apologizing



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