Room to Grow™ After Dark: Gender Equality: Re-Examining the Meaning of Male Privilege with Chelsea Wallace & Greg Ryder

gender equality

November 29, 2022

Today, we’re tackling one of the more controversial and unspoken angles of the gender equality discussion: the struggles men face. More specifically, how the innate nature of “male privilege” has consequently shrouded many of the staggering statistical inequities men face in many areas, including poverty, mental health and death.

This conversation may be triggering, but I encourage you to listen to its entirety to gain the full spectrum of the various angles of context we discussed.  The only way to achieve equality is to listen and learn from everyone. 

This episode features myself and two amazing humans from two very different backgrounds, Chelsea Wallace and Greg Ryder. Both here to listen and speak about their honest feelings and experiences regarding gender equality and privilege. The conversation was incredible – well balanced, compassionate and full of enrichment (and tears) for all of us. It’s one of my favourite episodes I’ve ever done, and the most uncomfortable.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Why many metrics of gender equality are misleading
  • The nuance behind the meaning of “privilege”
  • How to better participate conversations about gender equality
  • Why women often still feel triggered by men’s words and actions
  • How all genders can help each other move past old gender paradigms
  • New sources of support for men

This is part of my Room To Grow™ “After Dark” series which tackles particularly controversial and purposely uncomfortable topics in a well-rounded, roundtable forum. I’d love to keep talking about this topic and hear your thoughts – please DM or email me anytime (contacts below) 


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