Soften. Because You’ll Never Really Regret It.

April 12, 2022

A quickie episode for you today all about softening – because you’ll never really look back and think about how you wish you had slammed the door harder, shouted more loudly, or had more of a meltdown.

Soften because you’ll usually be far more proud of a kind word than a cruel one.

And I’m sharing a very personal example of one way I choose to soften, even with people who have hurt me, and to show up with the intention of leaving people even one degree better than you found them. Not to make people better for your own sake, but with the simple intention of gifting others with a little sliver of recognition of a quality about them you genuinely appreciate, and the positive ripple effects that can create that we couldn’t even possibly foresee.


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Jump on the waitlist for Becoming YOU – doors open April 14th!

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