Changing How We Define Emotional Strength & Recognizing Emotions as Data

March 17, 2022

Our emotions are data and are flashing lights to what we care about.

And sometimes, we can feel as though certain emotions make us feel weak. Or, we’ve been stuck in the mode of “the strong one” for so long, we’ve lost sight of the idea that emotional strength can show up in so many different forms.

Overall some of the most common ideas of emotional strength may look or sound like:

  • Strength as “tough upper lip”
  • Grin and bear it
  • Laugh it off

We may see someone swallow their pain without even feeling or expressing it and call it grace when it’s actually killing them on the inside, though they maybe feel as though they have to hold it all in to gain the title of “strong.”

Today we’re talking about all of this and:

  • Why emotions need to move
  • What it means to “feel”
  • When laughing our way through pain becomes a defense mechanism rather than a true reflection of how we’re feeling
  • The stories we create around our emotions that can create more suffering for ourselves
  • Why we fear going fully into an emotion
  • Some of the physical ways emotions can be expressed through us
  • The strength that can be found in the depths of fragility
  • Re-defining your relationship to what you consider to be “emotional strength”

When it comes to emotional strength, all of this to say:

Yes, there will always be more “room to grow” – AND we also have lives to lead.

Don’t allow yourself to get pulled so deeply into the healing work that you don’t take steps forward with more of what you want in your life because you’re in a constant state of believing you’re not ready.

Re-define your relationship to what you consider to be emotional strength.

Allow yourself to take action  that is imperfect and messy and even if you don’t feel ready.

And be open and willing to both accept and receive help.

Take a listen to the episode, and let me know what you think!


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