Re-thinking Boundaries & Becoming an Energetic Match for Your Desires

February 22, 2022

Not everyone deserves a place in your heart.

But one thing I know for sure is that closing ourselves off isn’t the answer either.

Boundaries can become fortresses

Then we wonder why no one can ever break through.

Like anything else, there is so much nuance to this.

Yet it’s not always about setting every boundary under the sun with each individual person in your life.

It’s about showing up as the person you want to be, and watching the magic that unfolds as a direct and specific result of your shift.

Can we allow life to happen, while also trusting ourselves to be able to handle issues as they come up?

Can we show up in a way that simply repels what we are not ok with accepting? 

Today we’re talking:

  • How to “be” the thing that you want to call in, and then watching what unfolds in your life as a direct result.
  • Decide what you are and are not willing to tolerate, and shifting yoru perspectives.
  • Re-training your brain to recognize something different.
  • Leaning into the flow of life while balancing that with necessary boundaries


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