Stepping Out of the Chaos of Your Life & Allowing Ease with Emma Rose Tait

September 19, 2019

After finding out that there had been a long-term affair going on with my partner and another woman for the 9 years he and I were together, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to help heal.

We can be good at helping other people change their mindsets, but not so great at it when it comes to ourselves especially after a significant traumatic experience, and I knew I was going to need extra support if I was going to be able to continue to heal and move forward with my life with as much gratitude, joy and ease as possible.

Enter Emma.

Emma Tait is a writer, transformational coach, and mindfulness teacher based in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. Emma’s life’s work is to empower others to liberate themselves so they may live an honest, unapologetic existence. She believes the way back to ourselves is through mastering our emotional, physical, and spiritual wisdom and encompassing the courage to show up and be seen. 

I was connected to Emma through Kylie McBeath, and started working with her a few months ago.

Emma has changed the way I view myself, and has become that little voice in the back of my head that challenges me to completely re-frame the stories I can get caught in, along with pulling me back into the present if I start to get ahead of myself, and giving me permission to be happy.

I was stuck in such deep pain for what felt like so long, that when I actually found myself in this incredible state of happiness relatively soon after arriving in Bali from Canada, I no longer trusted my own emotions and didn’t believe it was possible to even be that happy.

She’s taught me (and continues to teach me) how to trust my intuition in new and exciting ways, recognize the ease that can come with letting go, and really leaning into this idea that sometimes life is hard at work for bigger and better things for us.

Emma and I are tackling some big topics in this episode, including:

  • The stories we create & attach to in our lives and the meaning we attach to them
  • Stepping out of the chaos and getting into our lives
  • Not getting lost in the self-improvement work
  • Importance of unstructured time
  • Pimping out your pain and this idea of whether or not it’s ok to leverage your most painful experiences onto a larger platform
  • Concept of the fertile void when going through a massive life change or anything deeply emotional, and why it can be especially disorienting as an entrepreneur
  • IT’S ALLOWED TO BE EASY: we make things so much harder than they need to be

This is an important episode for anyone going through a tough time, especially as an entrepreneur and juggling the unique set of circumstances that can come with that.


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