Celebrating Women Supporting Women: Girls Run the World!

March 7, 2019

I’ve been reminded more than ever in the past few months the power of women supporting women.  There’s nothing else like it in this world.

In honour of International Women’s Day tomorrow, March 8th 2019, I put together this exceptionally special episode featuring 5 different women, from various places spread out across the globe, all with vastly different life history and experiences.  

And yet – there’s a shared element and common threads that can be pulled together throughout all of the things you’re going to hear about today, because it’s really demonstrating how fucking powerful women are when we actually support each other.  

I cried multiple times putting together this episode, because the entire experience just felt so incredible, and having this podcast and this platform continues to amaze me.  It’s an absolute gift that I’m able to share women like this with you, that I have this voice on my tiny corner of the Internet where I get to let other women tell their stories.

This episode is to remind you of the power of women, of friendship, and of how strong we are when we join hands with one another to lift each other up.  

I want you to walk away from this episode inspired to do something else to lift up another woman, because even the smallest gesture could change someone’s life.  You never know what someone is going through and how much it might mean to them.


I asked 5 women to answer the questions below, and the results are stunningly touching and beautiful.

  1. Tell us about a time when another woman (or group of women) made you feel seen, supported, loved and heard.  
  2. Please tell us about a time when YOU made another woman (or group of women) feel seen, supported, loved and heard.  

This second question is a little tougher by design.  I encouraged the ladies to do a little humble bragging here and I want you to do the same, because too often as women we are quiet about our successes, apologetic about our wins, and allow our kindness to go unseen.  I really asked a lot of the ladies featured today to dig deep here and brag a little, even if it felt uncomfortable, because my hope is that it will encourage other women to do more things to support others in their own lives!

At the end of the episode I give my own answers to these questions as well.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and use this as a reason to celebrate women every day, not just on the one day a year dedicated to women internationally.

Let’s introduce the women you’ll be hearing from today! Please share this episode with another woman in your life who needs some inspiration and to listen to a beautiful message today.



Kristi Hargrove is a Certified Health Coach in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and her #1 goal is to help parents guide their athletes with nutrition that supports their energy, learn how to prep for a game, build a strong mindset, and to help minimize injury so that their athlete can play at the highest level.




Mallorie Edward has worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years and is presently the General Manager of MERIT Brewing in downtown Hamilton, Ontario here in Canada. When not sipping on a craft beer she fills her time with dog walks, yoga and far too many plants.

MERIT Brewing in Hamilton, Ontario



Sky Stover helps solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses position themselves as experts through Websites that are mobile-friendly and strategically designed, with a focus on those in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. She builds out full Websites with a focus on marketing-strategy – not just making something that “looks nice”. In addition, she has a successful and growing Website Maintenance membership program in which her members receive personal IT support, marketing advice, copywriting services, and more. When she isn’t helping her clients rock the Web, she is playing video games, belting it out while playing the guitar, or shredding up the Western PA mountain bike trails.


FAQ about Sky and her transition



Brittany is a movement coach + educator with a passion for helping women who feel stuck find freedom in their minds + bodies through movement. She is currently living abroad in the Netherlands and is obsessed with all things Mama Luna, barefeet, coffee, and journaling.


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Christina Montalvo is the host and founder of The Confidence Project, a podcast dedicated to helping women quit dieting, find empowerment through lifting heavy, and repair their body image. She owns a body-positive strength & conditioning gym in West Chicago, IL and you can often find her with either a coffee mug or a barbell in her hands.


Room to Grow Podcast episode #24, Victim Mindset

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If you’re new around here, let me give you a super quick introduction.  I’m the founder and host here on the Room to Grow Podcast and help women feel confident and take action when it comes to their bodies, businesses & relationships, even when life feels overwhelming & scary as f*ck.  One of my favourite things to do right now is to help women launch their own podcasts and to use this amazing platform to connect women from across the globe, and usually you can find me chasing down dogs to pat, lifting weights and eating dark chocolate.

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